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Saturday, January 3, 2015
10:00 am - 1:30 pm

Latham Petco 664 New Loudon Road, Latham, NY 12110

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Peppertree Rescue Dogs

IMPORTANT: The first step in the adoption process is to complete an adoption application. We have a limited number of volunteers and we do not have the resources to respond to inquiries about specific dogs from non-applicants. If you are interested in a Peppertree dog you must submit an application. NO EXCEPTIONS!

IMPORTANT: If you are looking to surrender your dog to Peppertree, please see our Surrendering Your Dog Section of this web site.

The application is available online (and via a downloadable PDF file). If you have completed a similar application for another group and have a copy, we will accept that; mail it to PO Box 2396, Albany NY 12220.

If you are out of the immediate Capital District area and cannot attend a Peppertree Clinic in the Albany, NY area, we ask that you provide a home visit report from a local rescue group with your application. You will need to travel to meet our volunteers and our dogs.

Applicants will receive regular notification regarding the dogs available for adoption and will be invited to our clinics to meet our dogs.

Before you look at our dogs, please read How to Adopt a Peppertree Dog

Available Dogs

AbuABU - Miniature Pinscher/chihuahua mix, male, 9 years, 9 lbs. Abu is a perfect gentleman but has a silly side as well. He was pulled from a NYC shelter and is a happy little fellow who is sure to make you smile. He is very smart, an extremely quick learner. He knows his commands and some tricks, and loves to show off for treats. He has a beautiful temperament and gets along well with the other dogs in his foster home, but he really lives to be with people. He is extremely affectionate and loves to cuddle on the couch and give hugs. He loves car rides and walks and gets very excited when he sees his leash. We will not place him with children under 10 because of his small size. He has not been tested with cats, but we suspect he would be fine. Abu is an adorable little boy who would make a wonderful addition to a lucky family.

BenBEN - Shepherd Mix, male, 12 years, 45 lbs. Ben is a sweet elderly gentleman from Brooklyn looking for his retirement home. He loves his person and a good scritch, and a sunny spot to while away the day. He gets along with dogs, cats and children. Ben is hard of hearing and his vision is failing but that does not hold him back from exploring. Ben loves hanging out in the yard watching the bunnies but prefers to be where you are. He would do best with minimal stairs and carpeted floors since his legs are not what they used to be. Ben is ready to love and be loved.

BocelliBOCELLI - Golden mix, male, 5 years, 65 lbs. Bocelli wants nothing more than to be by your side all day and will give you hugs if you ask him to! He is a very sweet, laid back guy who gets along wonderfully with the other 3 dogs in his foster home. Bocelli is blind, but that doesn't stop him from loving life; it's rare that his tail stops wagging, especially when he hears your voice. He responds very well to sound to help him navigate, and knows where to find you for some affection. A quiet home where there's someone around to keep him company during the day would be perfect for Bocelli. He would love having another laid back doggy pal to relax with, but would also be great as an only dog since that means he will get your undivided attention. Bocelli is housebroken and has perfect manners in the house so doesn't need to be crated when left alone. He gets along just fine with cats. Due to his blindness, Bocelli won't be placed in a home with young children.

EstherESTHER - Cocker Spaniel mix, female, 6-8 years, ~20 lbs. Esther is a sweet and social lady who simply adores a good butt rub! She was found as a stray in Tennessee and was a wee bit of a mangled mess, but nothing a little TLC could not remedy. Due to advanced cataracts it is doubtful Esther sees much, but that is not going to keep her down! She responds to voice commands, can climb and descend stairs by herself, and has shown no fear exploring her foster home. She gets along well with her two foster brothers (one dog and one cat) and loves to go for walks or simply just curl up by your side. Most of all Esther is in search of someone with a lot of love to give so she can soak it up.

EvelynEVELYN - Pointer/border collie mix, female, 11 years, 35 lbs. Evelyn came to us from a New York City shelter. She surrendered due to illness of her owner, and the poor girl has been having some difficulty adjusting to her new circumstance. She was very fearful when she first arrived at her foster home, but now that she has settled in, this has improved, though she is still a bit anxious when meeting new people. Evelyn is housebroken and good with other dogs as long as they are not pushy. She is crate trained. She is a wonderful, sweet dog who needs a new person or family to love. She is very affectionate once she settles in, and frankly, that sweet little face is irresistible.

HenryHENRY - Aussie/duck tolling retriever mix, male, ~13 years, 45 lbs. Henry is a very sweet laid back gentleman, and everyone who meets him thinks he’s a lot younger than 13 - he certainly doesn’t look or act that age! He came to us from a downstate shelter, having been surrendered by his elderly owner who was unable to care for him anymore. He likes other dogs a lot and wants to engage with them. He is housebroken and has excellent house manners. He is living with cats and is great with them. Henry is hard of hearing and stairs are difficult for him, so a house without a lot of steps would be ideal. He adores his foster mom and follows her everywhere, inside and out!

LakotaLAKOTA - Husky mix, male, 10 years, 58 lbs. Lakota is energetic and loves his walks. He lives with a cat and gets along well with most dogs. He will only be placed with older children. Lakota settles nicely and has been a perfect gentleman while his foster family is at work. He crates well, is house trained, and knows basic obedience commands. Lakota will be a wonderful companion for an experienced Husky home willing to refresh his training. Peppertree is working with Tundra Spirits Husky Rescue in placing this boy.

LangstonLANGSTON - Yorkie mix, male, 7 years, 12 lbs. Langston is a sweet boy newly arrived from NYC. He is settling into his foster home very nicely and gets along wonderfully with the other dogs and cat. He is a little shy at first, but quickly becomes your best friend. He follows his foster mom around the house and is quick to snuggle in your lap. He is a quiet boy who rides beautifully in the car, walks well on leash, and is crate and pee-pad trained. Langston would do well in a quiet home where he could relax and love his family. He will not be placed in a home with small children because he is so tiny.

LeweyLEWEY - Rhodesian Ridgeback/Shepherd mix, male, 2 years, 60 lbs. Lewey is a sweet young boy looking for an active forever companion. True to his breed combination, Lewey is a loyal dog and wants to be with his person. It takes him a little while to warm up to new people, but once he knows you are his friend, he is very sweet. He needs plenty of exercise to be at his best. Lewey loves to go jogging and hiking. He rides well in the car and is good on the leash. Lewey has a high prey drive so he should not live with cats. He gets along with other dogs but can play a little rough; for this reason we recommend he not go to a home with young children. Lewey is a good snuggler and loves to share a sandwich.

Phantom (of the opera)PHANTOM (of the Opera) - Bulldog/Pit Bull mix, male, 3.5 years. Phantom is a dashing fellow who likes people in general but HIS people get an extra special happy dance. This social guy loves to go on walks and is always up for some play, especially if it involves playing fetch with a tennis ball, but he also appreciates some cuddle time on the couch. Phantom would love a nice yard to play in! We have not seen him around other dogs but we are told he does well with other dogs in public and is a pretty easy-going guy. It was reported that Phantom has lived with other dogs, based on his suspected breed combo we think he would do best with females, but may enjoy another easy-going male as a friend. Phantom is house trained and has excellent house manners too!

RileyRILEY - Bone Mouth Shar Pei mix, male, ~1 year, 50 lbs. Riley is a happy and friendly boy that never met a stranger, and who has taught us about making assumptions! He came from a shelter in central NYS where he had been picked up as an injured stray, and he was labeled as a pit bull. Pit bulls are one of the most common dogs in US shelters and he was a young dog, still growing, and it was as good a guess as any - but as Riley matured he started to look less and less like a pit bull and more and more like a Bone Mouth Shar Pei. We sent his pictures to someone familiar with the breed, and they noticed some distinct characteristics of the breed - who knew? What we do know though is that Riley is a wonderful dog that exemplifies great characteristics for any breed - he is smart, agile, loyal and loving. He has been raised around other animals including a cat, and has had a lot of socialization and been exposed to many new experiences. Riley lives in a home with another dog, and 2 young children, and does great with all. He is playful and wants to be part of any family activity, including long walks. He is crate trained and housebroken. Riley is a huge snuggler, and would lay happily for hours if someone was petting his belly! He loves interacting with all - dogs, cats, humans, and really just wants to be a part of a loving family. He is food motivated and eager to learn!

SallieSALLIE - Collie/terrier? mix, female, 2 years, ~40 lbs. If you are looking for a devoted partner as well as a loving pet, then Sallie is your girl. A sensitive soul, Sallie is a lovely young lady with looks as well as brains, and would love a home that keeps both her brain and body busy. She came to us from a NYC area shelter where her cautious nature was leaving her a very stressed girl, but since arriving at Peppertree she is able to relax and show us her playful, smart and sometimes silly spirit! Sallie loves to play with her foster brother Loki and will happily live with the right canine companion, but we will have to do a meet and greet with any potential canine companion as she likes to go slow and be sure of her friends. Sallie is not the type of dog for dog parks or busy social scenes, she is the type of dog that prefers long walks and playing in her own yard. She'd make the perfect hiking companion and is very food motivated and eager to learn, and would likely excel at advanced training. Sallie is crate trained and has excellent house manners, cats are unknown. While we are still getting to know her at this time we do not think she'd enjoy a busy household and should not be placed with small children. If you are looking for a loving girl who will devote herself to you and is eager to please, then Sallie is your girl.

SeverideSEVERIDE - Australian Shepherd Mix, male, ~1 year, 44 lbs. Sevvy is a handsome, sweet boy. He’s full of life and loves to play tag with other dogs, swim, or just run around in the yard. Sevvy loves to go on walks and makes a great running partner! Inside, Sevvy is a bit shy. It seems as if Sevvy never had much experience living indoors but he is housebroken and is making great strides in feeling more and more comfortable with being indoors. Sevvy will need a family that will continue to encourage and care for him as he learns what living inside is all about. Sevvy cannot hear but it certainly doesn’t hold him back from doing the same things as a typical dog. He’s eager to please and knows some basic commands (using hand signals) and he is also taking a Canine Good Citizen class. Sevvy is good with cats.

SEVERIDE Needs A Foster Home SEVERIDE Needs A Foster Home!

SullivanSULLIVAN - Smooth collie mix, male, 1-2 years, ~50 lbs. Sullivan is very, very sweet. He is a gentle boy who is good with other dogs and ok with dog-savvy cats, but he is mostly interested in being close to his people. Sullivan is unsure of strangers at first but quickly warms and bonds to his people. He is eager to please and easily motivated with food. Sullivan has epilepsy and we are working with a vet to determine the proper dose of meds to control it. Once stabilized, a maintenance dose will be an inexpensive monthly cost.

WallyWALLY - Shepherd mix, male, ~10 years, 35 lbs. Wally was a stray who was being housed at a local shelter. When Wally became depressed and would not eat, Peppertree agreed to take him in. He very quickly adapted to living in his foster home and is doing great. Wally is about 10 years old, possibly older. Wally is a medium-sized dog and once he gains back some lost weight he should weigh around 42 pounds. He is impeccably well behaved and has a soft, affectionate personality. He loves nothing better than to follow his person around the house or yard. Wally loves affection from just about anyone, but he never demands it. He is quite spry for an older gentleman. Despite having a little weakness in his hind legs, Wally gets along fabulously and enjoys running in the yard. He is superb with other dogs and cats even when they have on a couple of occasions bullied him. We suspect he is equally good with children. Wally has some difficulty with his vision and hearing as most older dogs do but it doesn't stop him from getting around just fine. If you are looking for an affectionate, calm and gentle dog who is easy to care for, Wally is for you.

Other Dogs Available For Adoption - Neighbors Corner

These dogs are either living with their owners but need to find new homes, or are with another rescue or shelter. Contact information is included with each dog's listing. We must note, however, that we do not have the detailed knowledge we gain about dogs that are actually in the program and in our own foster homes.

Neighbor's Corner Dogs (8)           Last Updated: 12/18/2014 17:12:03

Help Orphan Puppies (HOP)

For the past several years, Peppertree Rescue and Help Orphan Puppies have frequently worked together. While Peppertree specializes in finding homes for adult dogs, Help Orphan Puppies focuses on finding homes for puppies. In the future, we will be combining our efforts in order to more effectively promote the dogs and puppies in both our programs with the common goal of finding loving, forever homes for them. Please feel free to visit our websites at and

Please note: We are two individual organizations and have different adoption applications. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you!

Dogs in Program Not Available for Adoption

The following are additional dogs within the Peppertree Program. They are currently not available for adoption as they are undergoing rehabilitation and assessment in their foster homes. Due to limited resources, we are unable to respond to any inquiries about the dogs listed below. Hopefully they will be added to our Available Dogs section shortly.

MESA - German Shepherd mix, female. Just arrived and settling in to a foster home.

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