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Saturday, August 1, 2015
10:30 am - 1:30 pm

Latham Petco, 664 New Loudon Rd., Latham, NY 12110

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Peppertree Rescue Dogs

IMPORTANT: The first step in the adoption process is to complete an adoption application. We have a limited number of volunteers and we do not have the resources to respond to inquiries about specific dogs from non-applicants. If you are interested in a Peppertree dog you must submit an application. NO EXCEPTIONS!

IMPORTANT: If you are looking to surrender your dog to Peppertree, please see our Surrendering Your Dog Section of this web site.

The application is available online (and via a downloadable PDF file). If you have completed a similar application for another group and have a copy, we will accept that; mail it to PO Box 2396, Albany NY 12220.

If you are out of the immediate Capital District area and cannot attend a Peppertree Clinic in the Albany, NY area, we ask that you provide a home visit report from a local rescue group with your application. You will need to travel to meet our volunteers and our dogs.

Applicants will receive regular notification regarding the dogs available for adoption and will be invited to our clinics to meet our dogs.

Before you look at our dogs, please read How to Adopt a Peppertree Dog

Available Dogs

BayouBAYOU - Coonhound mix, male, ~8 years, 57 lbs. What a lovable character this tall, handsome, stately fellow is! True to his hound roots Bayou will sing to you if you ask, and he is vocal when he is excited, which is part of his happy charm. He does get excited when he sees other dogs and wants to greet them, so be prepared for a melodic walk if you live in a busy area. Bayou has a way of making his presence known, but when he plays with other dogs he is appropriate and social. No cats for this boy, though, please! Like most hounds Bayou is going to need a fenced yard as his nose often drives his thinking, and while he is good on leash he is strong and prone to following his nose. However, when it comes to people there are few dogs more lovable and gentle then Bayou; he especially enjoys children. He is a sweet soul who is very eager to make his family happy. Click here to see more pictures of Bayou on, and here to see Bayou's Ch. 10 Pet Connection with Steve Caporizzo!

China rose, cgcCHINA ROSE, CGC - Pit bull mix, female, 6-8 years, 58 lbs. China Rose came to Peppertree from a local shelter. She was in very poor health with many physical ailments due to insufficient veterinary care. She is now in excellent health, having been placed on a proper good food diet and some much needed medication to make her well again. She is very shy at first, but when she relaxes, she blossoms into a wonderful dog! She is eager to please and has excellent house manners. She was adopted by her foster mom, but unfortunately does not get along with the resident dog, a rather cranky geriatric terrier mix. They are a woefully mismatched pair and so China Rose, through no fault of her own, is back to being available for adoption. She is going to class to get her Good Canine Citizen certification, and has been a star in class; she is obedient, intelligent and very eager to please. She will make a welcome addition to the right home. She would do well with another dog who would like to play, as she has a background of being great with other dogs, just not that little old terrier, who doesn't want to be bothered. *Update 7/31/15 - Congratulations to China Rose for earning her Canine Good Citizen certificate!*

DutchDUTCH - Shep/Hound mix, female, 5-7? years, 73 lbs. Dutch epitomizes the 'plain brown wrapper' type of dog with a heart of gold that Peppertree is drawn to. She is a true mix, but her likely heritage includes shepherd and hound or Lab. This middle-aged girl likes a walk or a game of fetch, followed by a nap! She is house-trained and excellent with people. She has lived with young children and was fine with them. Dutch has good leash manners and is great riding in the car. She is ok with some dogs but not all, and she would probably love not to have any competition for her adopter's affections. We do not think she would be good with cats.

Gia, cgcGIA, CGC - Pit bull mix, female, 4 years, 50 lbs. Gia is a happy, silly girl who loves long walks, fetching balls, squeak toys, swimming and car rides. She gets along nicely with the two male dogs in her foster home. Gia is a wonderful house guest and is crate trained, although she doesn't require crating because of her impeccable house manners. She is a medium-energy girl who just needs a daily walk and some play time. A quiet, calm home with older children or just adults would be best for her. Because of her strong prey drive and her self-appointed mission to rid the world of squirrels and rabbits, a fenced yard is required for Gia. We don't think she would be good with cats. Click here to visit Gia's Facebook page and get to know her better! *Update 7/31/15 - Congratulations to Gia for earning her Canine Good Citizen certificate!*

LeonLEON - Lab mix, male, 3-4 years, 48 lbs. Leon is a sweet boy that loves long walks on a beautiful day! This playful little guy is looking for a family that will show him the ropes. He is a smart dog who is picking up everything his foster parents are teaching him, from learning to play fetch to defeating his foster family at tug of war, not to mention basic obedience commands. Don't be fooled though, he's a little cuddle buddy at heart looking for his forever home! He is a moderate-energy dog, housebroken, and doesn't need to be crated as he is not destructive in the house.

LouisLOUIS - Dachshund Mix, male, 2 years, 15 lbs. Louis is a friendly and loving dog. He likes being outdoors and has a hunting instinct. He sleeps in his crate at night and is improving on his leash manners, as well as working on housebreaking. He loves having his belly rubbed and giving kisses. Louis is a handsome boy with a soft coat and beautiful brown markings. He doesn't like to share his toys or treats, though, so he needs to go to a home with older children only who will respect his "stuff".

MurrayMURRAY - Lab/hound mix, 7 yrs, ~45 lbs. Murray is a dapper fellow and an easy companion. He has excellent house manners, knows basic obedience, and loves a good walk. He has some pep in his step and would love a nice big yard to run around and sniff after squirrels in, but he also settles down inside and is happy relaxing with family. Murray is good with cats and good with respectful dogs, but he does not have patience for the antics of youngsters, be they human or canine. Murray is excellent with older children but toddlers make him nervous - they are often very loud and unpredictable, and Murray prefers predictability. Who can blame him? Murray is an easy dog to love, and there is one lucky family out there that will discover that first hand. Murray's adoption fee is being reduced by a loving sponsorship donation of $100.

OdieODIE - Chihuahua mix, male, ~10 years. Odie likes snuggling and cuddling, and is quite the talker. He barks when he gets excited in typical chihuahua fashion. He is good with other small dogs, but likes to be the one in charge so submissive canine companions would be best for him. He will do best in a quiet house without small children, as he does get overwhelmed at times when the house is busy. He is fine with cats that are dog-savvy and not in his face. Odie has cherry eye, and he is given daily eye drops for it.

ScullySCULLY - Lab mix, female, 9 years, 65 lbs. Scully has been through a lot of changes in her life, finding herself in a shelter when her family lost their housing. Now she is very eager to find a home where she can relax and become a pampered pooch. She is an unassuming girl who just loves being with people and is a devoted companion. Scully has good house manners and does not need to be crated. We were told she has lived with cats but will chase them in a playful way, so a dog savvy cat would be necessary. She lived with a mellow male dog for a while and would likely to fine with another, but she has not been doing well with other female dogs. Scully has a lot of charm and her sweet personality has made her a real favorite with the kennel staff where she is being boarded. We are all hoping she is some lucky adopter's favorite dog soon!

YukiYUKI - Smooth Fox Terrier/Chihuahua mix, male, 1 year, 18 lbs. Yuki is a nice boy who is playful with the male dog in his foster home and is fine with the senior female pit bull as well. He is housebroken and likes to be held or be in your lap. His big, beautiful eyes seem to jump out of his tiny head and reflect his happy and friendly disposition. Yuki does have some fear issues, so we won't place him in a home with children.

Other Dogs Available For Adoption - Neighbors Corner

These dogs are either living with their owners but need to find new homes, or are with another rescue or shelter. Contact information is included with each dog's listing. We must note, however, that we do not have the detailed knowledge we gain about dogs that are actually in the program and in our own foster homes.

Neighbor's Corner Dogs (7)           Last Updated: 07/29/2015 21:07:38

Help Orphan Puppies (HOP)

For the past several years, Peppertree Rescue and Help Orphan Puppies have frequently worked together. While Peppertree specializes in finding homes for adult dogs, Help Orphan Puppies focuses on finding homes for puppies. In the future, we will be combining our efforts in order to more effectively promote the dogs and puppies in both our programs with the common goal of finding loving, forever homes for them. Please feel free to visit our websites at and

Please note: We are two individual organizations and have different adoption applications. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you!

Dogs in Program Not Available for Adoption

The following are additional dogs within the Peppertree Program. They are currently not available for adoption as they are undergoing rehabilitation and assessment in their foster homes. Due to limited resources, we are unable to respond to any inquiries about the dogs listed below. Hopefully they will be added to our Available Dogs section shortly.

AJ GOOFY BEAR - Black Lab, male, 3 years, ~100 lbs. Receiving medical attention.

DOVER - German Shepherd, male, 2 1/2 years,
 60-65 lbs.

KHLOE - Black lab, female, 5 months.

MILLIE - Sheltie mix, female, 9 months, 18 lbs.

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