Available Dogs


  • Egyptian Baladi,
  • female,
  • 1-2 years.

Anoskha came to us from Egypt, where she was rescued from the streets when she was a puppy. Since then, she has been with our friends at Kisco Labs, waiting for her new home, and winning their hearts with her sweet nature. Her name means grace – fitting indeed, especially when you see her gracefully sail over a fence! Yes, this darling girl is quite talented at climbing; maybe she is part cat? Anoskha has never met a cat, so she is not sure. And we are not sure how she would do living with them. What we do know is that while she starts off shy, once she gets comfortable Anoshka loves attention, and has a silly side. She is also great with other dogs, and has the basics down when it comes to house manners. She is a unique dog, inside and out, and we are excited to help her find her forever home. She is a little nervous around children, so she’d like a home with kids who are teenagers or older, please!