• Feist mix,
  • female,
  • 6 months,
  • 25 lbs.

Have you ever wanted to win a contest for “best ears?” Well, with Aria by your side, victory is practically guaranteed! But don’t worry, she hasn’t let her good looks go to her head. This little girl is as sweet and humble as they come, and has never met anyone (human or canine) that she did not immediately like.  She especially loves children!  Aria has a moderate energy level for her age — she is very playful and enjoys running outside, but settles down nicely on her bed after playtime.  She wants to be where her people are and loves nothing more than to follow you around the house.  Aria is in a foster home with other dogs from 5 to 80 lbs and gets along with everyone.  She is also crate-trained, walks well on the leash, and rides nicely in the car. She is smart as a whip and highly trainable.  Aria will do best with a fenced yard and someone to play with, whether that is another dog or an active person who will finish teaching her to play fetch.  She has not been tested with cats.