Beauregard and Beatrice

  • Boxers,
  • 1 male, 1 female,
  • 10 years, 8 years.

Beauregard (10 year old male) and Beatrice (8 year old female) are an easy pair to love. They greet you with wiggles and have never met a stranger; they love everyone and everything.  Bea can sometimes be a “Queen Bea” and makes sure that everyone stays in line and respects the rules, but she lives happily with other dogs, and cats too!  Beatrice and Beauregard both learned early that cats are the ones that really run the show. This pair is in their golden years and have spent their lives together, and we feel they would do well staying together.  Beauregard can get anxious with change, and having his best buddy Beatrice makes things easier.  These two are perfect examples of why adopting adults is so easy – they are house trained, not destructive, good with kids and not looking for much other than love and treats.  Beauregard’s main interest is snuggling, while Beatrice likes to nap in the sun, or snuggle, depending on her mood.  They are happy with some time in the yard, and although they probably wouldn’t say no to a quick walk now and then, car rides make them nervous. These loving family dogs are just looking for a ready-made family. Unfortunately, life changes have left them in a home where they are loved, but their people cannot spend the time with them that they deserve. We are hoping that someone can open their hearts and their home to them. This lovable duo’s adoption fee has been partially sponsored.