• Retriever,
  • male,
  • 10 years,
  • ~110 lbs.

Benjamin is a sweet and kind boy who is wonderful with other dogs, and he has been around kids ages 8 and up. He loves them up and even gives kisses to them. He moves from room to room to be near everyone. Benjamin loves attention and will nuzzle or paw you to keep petting.

Tennis balls seem to be what he enjoys more than anything else. He can’t fetch them because running isn’t something he does just yet – maybe when he loses a little more weight! He does enjoy walking around the yard collecting them though, chewing them and rolling around on them. He is so happy to wander the yard and watch his foster dad rake leaves. He can just sit and watch everyone work for hours. He will drop the ball in the leaves then bark for his people to get it! He lays with the other dogs and sleeps downstairs with them at night. Benjamin walks well on the leash because he is not fast. His mobility is improving in his foster home, with increased (gentle) exercise, good food, and joint supplements. This low-energy boy is looking for a one-story home – 3 stairs to get into the house from the yard are pretty much all he can handle at this point. Benjamin is looking for a family that will appreciate all the love he has to offer! We don’t know how he is with cats, but it’s likely he’d be fine with them.