• Beagle,
  • female,
  • 10 years,
  • 46 lbs.

You will fall in love with Bettina – she is one of those beagles who actually looks like she’s smiling. She has such expressive eyes, a perpetually happy tail, and a belly that likes getting rubbed. She really is a people pleaser. Bettina was rescued from a puppy mill as a pup and lived with her family her whole life, but their situation has changed, and now this sweet girl is in need of a new home. She has lived with both cats and dogs, but needs a slow introduction and a little time. After a settling-in period, she can coexist with a laid-back dog who doesn’t get in her face. She is an old gal who just needs a nice comfy bed and some love.  Because she has some arthritis in her hind legs, a home with minimal stairs would be best. With a diet to help her lose some weight and some supplements, we think her back-end stiffness will improve. She is house trained and rides well in a car, though it does stress her out a little, causing her to pant a bit.  She is afraid of the crate, but is fine to be left out alone so she really doesn’t need one.