• Cocker spaniel,
  • male,
  • 11 years,
  • 40 lbs.

Bilbeau is an older gentleman ready to lead a quiet life. He loves people and attention, he loves to be petted, and enjoys snuggling up to his people for a nap. He rarely barks and has very good house manners. He never gets into the garbage, has never had an accident in the house, is content to stay off the furniture, and does not chew on things besides his toys or bones, and he does not give any chase to the cats. He will play a short game of fetch, and knows some simple commands such as shake, other paw, and sit. He is happiest when his people come home…sometimes he will even do a little dance and prance around to show you just how happy he is. He also seems unbothered by other dogs. He is slow descending the stairs, but is still able to manage both ascending and descending.

Bilbeau is protective of his resources, and for that reason he would be better suited to a home with no young children, and could use some gentle training to encourage good behavior. He would also benefit from a closely monitored diet, and mild exercise.