Bilbo Baggins

  • Lab mix,
  • male,
  • ~1 year,
  • 48 lbs.
Bilbo was rescued as a stray in South Carolina, so we don’t know much about his background, but we do know a lot about his great personality. He has been in his current foster home for two weeks and settled right in, getting along with everyone in the house, including cats, another male dog and a child.

Bilbo is truly still a puppy at heart and loves to play, but as soon as he is done, will settle down to take a nap by your side. Someone must have taught him basic manners as he is fully housebroken, knows a few commands and generally wants to please. He sits patiently around people-food and does not beg. So far, Bilbo has been friendly with everyone who visits. He plays well with his foster’s large dog, even if he forgets his manners occasionally and needs to be corrected when he playfully tugs at his playmate’s leg too excitedly. He ignores the cats for the most part, unless he decides they would make great playmates that moment and chases them for fun – but he quickly stops when called. He needs his play, and loves chew toys, but is very happy on the couch for hours as well. Bilbo gets very excited when he sees the leash come out, but hasn’t likely had much experience on a lead. He pulls to get the next thing he wants to investigate and has not yet gotten that the leash is for walks, not very slowly progressing research trips! Leash manners are a work in progress… Bilbo is crate-trained at night and even returns to the crate sometimes to nap. Overall, he is a rather large boy who is equal parts sweet and playful.