• Pit Bull mix,
  • male,
  • 8 years,
  • 80 lbs.

Bobo’s paperwork calls him a pit bull terrier mix, but the subtle spots in his coat make us wonder if he may have some American Bulldog ancestry instead. Whatever he is, he has not even met you and he already loves you, do you want kisses?Bobo likes to give kisses! He also likes walks, snuggling on the couch, and having new people come and meet him for pets. Sometimes he still gets excited and might jump a little but he tries very hard to remember to keep four on the floor and mostly does, but, people are so very exciting he just cannot always remember! He does well with kids but because of his size he may do best with older kids, or at least sturdy ones! Bobo has great house manners and while he does sometimes like to sleep in his crate he is great loose in the house and does not need one. He also is good on walks, and really is a very easy dog to have in your home, he knows all the rules already! Bobo has never lived with cats and he does like to chase things outside so we’re not sure how he would do, but he is happy to meet any feline companion to see if they can get along. Bobo is a regular at a doggy day care facility and he does well with the other dogs there but he has never had to share a house or toys with another dog and will likely need to meet any potential canine companion, we suspect a mellow female would likely be the best fit for him. Sometimes Bobo’s enthusiasm can get him carried away and he needs to be reminded to take a break with other dogs, but most of the time he is a mellow fellow himself. Bobo was placed by us when he was a puppy, and unfortunately due to circumstances out of anyone’s control he had to be returned. He has been in a loving home and seems to expect only good from everyone he meets. To meet Bobo is to love him, truly!

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