Trial Placement


  • Lab/Rottweiler mix,
  • female,
  • 3-4 years,
  • 60 lbs.

Carly is an absolute love bug. She comes to us from South Carolina where the shelter used her to test other dogs because of her calm, even temperament. She was reported by her former home to be good with kids, though there aren’t any in her Peppertree foster home. She doesn’t show an awful lot of interest in other dogs or playing with them. She would not do well with cats as she seems too interested in chasing. Carly was surrendered this past spring because her owners could no longer take care of her. She was reported to be good with kids. Ideally she would have a fenced-in yard where she could romp and sniff around. That said, she is working on her leash manners and coming along quite nicely, she’s very responsive and looks to her person for guidance. She does not like cars and would love a nice home away from the hubbub of a city center. Medium energy level – doesn’t get the zoomies but does want to have playtime.

Carly has wonderful house manners, does not jump on furniture or chew, and is gentle with her toys. She is completely housebroken and has been left loose for a normal work day with absolutely no issues. She was treated for heartworm but does not have any exercise restrictions at this time. Carly is protective around her food bowl and needs to be left alone while eating – to be fair, we like to eat in peace too!

The most doting companion you could ask for, Carly is so content lying at your feet and will take whatever love you want to give. Who could resist those puppy eyes and soft nuzzles??