Trial Placement


  • All American mix (Carolina dog or Cur mix, perhaps?),
  • female,
  • 3-4 years,
  • 60 lbs.

Hermione (aka Harper) came to Peppertree from South Carolina, where she was found as a stray. She is a lovely, joyful companion in the home. She loves to cuddle, play, and act silly. She has no problem resting quietly while her foster mom works from home. Learn More >


  • French Bulldog/Pug/Gremlin mix,
  • female,
  • 9 years,
  • 20 lbs.

Magdalina Conchetta Wrinkles, or Maggie to friends and family, packs a lot of personality into her 20 lb frame. She is loving, funny, smart and determined. She also has a lot of opinions, and those opinions must be respected by the other dogs in her life. Learn More >


  • Collie/Sheltie(?) mix,
  • male,
  • 3 years,
  • 38 lbs.

Sloan (called Gryffy by his foster family) is a wonderful dog who is more than just good looks, he is also smart, quick to learn, and very sweet! Extremely loving and affectionate, Sloan loves meeting new people, and is very polite when he does. He takes treats very gently. He has perfect house manners and is house trained and crate trained. Learn More >

Wyatt Earp

  • Golden Retriever,
  • male,
  • 9 years,
  • ~60 lbs.

6/22 UPDATE: Wyatt is being evaluated for a leg injury and decisions about his placement are on hold until it resolves. Wyatt Earp is a 9 year old golden retriever looking for his forever home! After years as a breeding dog in North Carolina, he’s ready to retire in a quiet home, where he can sleep all day and enjoy attention from his people. Wyatt loves nothing more than being showered with love and affection from his humans. Learn More >