Chewie is an energetic and loving 3 year old neutered male Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier. He is always

excited to see new people and all he wants to do is say hi and kiss everyone he meets with his breed-specific “wheaten greetin.” He’s also a great watch dog, because he’ll let you know whenever there’s a squirrel outside, someone closed their car door too loud, or someone’s at the door. But all he wants to do is let you know and then go say hi, play, and get his kisses in. He loves scratches and treats. He can get a little hot and bothered sometimes, so after a while of cuddles and snuggles, he’ll go off and lay down nearby to still be close. He loves the snow and going on walks, though he’s still a bit of a puller. Be careful with doors though, he has been known to escape and run around checking out everyone’s driveways and yards for fun things to sniff or new people to meet.
Chewie is basic obedience trained with some components of service training (come, sit, lay down, wait, stay, speak, touch, left, right, front, up, down, off, go get) He has been known to ignore commands when too excited – a typical terrier trait! He is very food motivated.
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Must have a fenced-in yard or run line
  • Older children preferred as he JUMPS (that’s a breed trait)
  • Prefers to be a single dog
  • Has had exposure to cats but only during pet-sits

If you live within an hour of the Capital District, NY (Albany area) and you think Chewie would like to adopt you, please fill out an application with Peppertree and we will forward it to his family.  Due to Massachusetts State regulations, we cannot adopt to MA at this time.