• Boxer mix
  • female,
  • 2.5 years,
  • 61 lbs.

Cottonelle, who is regularly called Nellie, came to us because she needed a surgical repair for her luxating patella.  It was a long road to recovery with lots of time in a crate but Nellie has come through with flying colors and is happy to be able to be a dog again!  And what a dog she is – Nellie is a dog who does very well with other dogs but may do best with males because she can be a confident lady.  Nellie is excellent with cats, even kittens who think it is awesome to chase her and bat at her tail.  One of her favorite things to do is go on walks, she does like to stop and sniff along the way so be prepared for some detours though.  And be prepared for people to stop and tell you what a pretty dog she is, her boxer markings get her lots of attention!  Her other favorite thing to do is follow you around the house wherever you go.  She will dutifully stare at the bathroom door until you come back out.  Nellie is the definition of a Velcro dog – this is when she channels her inner needy Boxer the most!  Because of her knees, she is more of a walker then a runner, although she is equally happy to snuggle with you on the couch.  Nellie has great house manners and is crate trained.  She is also an excellent watch dog and no one will get your door without being greeted by her big, booming bark!  Once they are inside she will wag her tail and try to give kisses, but the bark sounds pretty scary at least.  In the home she is a lovely dog and an easy companion, sometimes out in the world she can get spooked but a little reassurance gets her right back on track.  She does get anxious in the car but we are working on that with her and hope some trips for ice cream will help.  Nellie has lived with kids but is now in an adult only home and seems to do well in a calm environment too – probably older children are best for her although she’d be fine with visiting small kids or living with smaller kids who don’t require personal space or getting barked at if they run too much.