• Border collie mix,
  • female,
  • 7 years,
  • 70 lbs.

Daisie is a dignified dog until you know her for about 10 minutes and then she’s a wiggly, happy goof trying to shove her head in your lap for scritches, groaning with delight when you find just that right spot by her ear that makes her melt as her thumping tail clears the coffee table. In other words, if you are looking for personality, this dog has it in spades!  Daisie also has excellent house manners; she is house trained, she is not destructive, and while her foster family is not crating her, they have used a baby gate to manage her and the cats, and she is polite when gated off. Daisie has moderate energy. She loves to go on walks and gets very excited when the leash comes out but on rainy days she’s happy to lay around, preferably at your feet. If you offer, she will play a few rounds of fetch or tug, but she is done after a few tosses, and she has a gentle mouth when she plays. Daisie is polite with other dogs and enjoys to play chase with her foster sister Tabby; she is a confident female so she probably would do best living with a mellow female or a male dog that is content to follow her lead. On walks she does want to say hi to some dogs, but she is very good and ignoring other dogs’ shenanigans if she wants her space.  Honestly, Daisie mostly just wants to sniff around.  Even though she is social, Daisie would likely be content to be an only dog too, she is flexible like that. Daisie is living with cats and that’s where you see her inner herding dog emerge. She likes to stare at them, daring them to run, and if they do not she may try to poke them with her nose to see if they’ll comply. If they run, she will chase, so dog-savvy cats with a tolerant streak are necessary, and it may take a bit of managing. Daisie has never lived with children, but we are told she was fine with them visiting.  If there is a family with children interested we’re happy to do a meet and greet to see how she does – we think she will be fine.  If you are looking for a dog with good manners and basic training in place who wants to join you for a daily half hour walk a day, Daisie may just be your girl.