• Lab/Newfie mix,
  • male,
  • 7 years,
  • 70 lbs.

Derrick is a big guy with a big heart. He is affectionate and good-natured and likes to be right next to you to make sure he doesn’t miss anything. This sweet, handsome boy has gone through many abrupt changes in the past year and is slowly regaining confidence. He would do well with someone who can set rules and limits for him to help him adjust to living in a home again. When he first arrived he had difficulty relaxing, but he has begun to realize that life is predictable once more. He has become content to follow a simple routine of walking and napping and during the day. Derrick looks forward to car rides too, especially since they usually involve going on an interesting walk or hike in the park. He gets very excited when he thinks he’s about to be part of an outdoor adventure!

Derrick enjoys meeting new people and greets them with wags and sometimes barks to express his enthusiasm. Although Derrick doesn’t snuggle (I think he gets too hot!) he is a ‘leaner’. He will lean into you to show his affection. He also loves be petted and will let you know when he needs a scratch!

Derrick is a polite house guest. He is completely housebroken and crate-trained; however, he doesn’t need to be in the crate because he has never been destructive when left alone in the house. Cats are unknown. I’m not sure Derrick knows what a cat is by his reaction to them on the street. While Derrick is a mellow boy, he would be happiest in a home with children over the age of 12. He has never lived with small children.