Dolly and Oreo

Dolly is a 5 yr old French Mastiff who weighs 82 lbs. She is a tri-pod, so requires a house with minimal stairs. Her right front leg (considered a “wing”) doesn’t get used for anything except to help pull herself onto the futon or couch. Medically, nothing wrong, just a birth defect. She goes up a couple of steps to the front yard in her foster home and she slides her good foot down the ramp to the back yard which is quite comical to watch…  Dolly does have some arthritis in her back and she is started on Novox, Dasaquin and fish oil. Oreo is a 2 yr old Chi/Doxi mix (20lbs) who is very sweet and loves to cuddle.  These two dogs are very attached to each other. Even though Oreo will play with the other dogs, he always reverts back to Dolly. For more information about Dolly and Oreo, contact Joanne at or call 518-339-9809.