• Lab mix,
  • male,
  • 8-10 years,
  • ~70 lbs.

Donny is a chipper and talkative yellow lab who was found as a stray. He was in pretty bad shape when he was found but he’s made an almost full recovery in a few short months. What we have learned about him in the meantime, is that he lives for walks, games of catch and keep-away, and cuddling with his family or anyone who will pay a lick of attention to him. One of his favorite activities is carrying, and showing off, his many toys. However, the most important thing to this active guy is the presence and attention of family. He will follow his folks everywhere, and, if necessary, will even forego the comfort of a good dog bed for a spot on the kitchen floor while you’re cooking. On top of being an easy, fun-loving guy, he is also very well-behaved. He’s completely housebroken and follows all house rules. He’s a smart guy who seems to understand and know what his people want. If you want a couch/bed-mate, he’s your guy, but he will also sleep on his own bed if that’s what you want. Ultimately, Donny just wants a family to love and hang out with on a full-time basis. He’s a super likable dog and is one of the easiest fosters we’ve had to date. Donny is great with people of all ages but he is untested with cats.