• Shepherd  mix,
  • female,
  • ~3 years,
  • 28 lbs.

Etta is one of the gentlest, sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet. She wants nothing more than to be with her person, whether it’s cuddling up at nap time or for a good walk. She doesn’t have all leash manners down yet but does not pull, even when excited. She’s perfectly house trained, and is working on not going just a tiny bit when her foster gets home from work…but it’s so exciting to see her person again!

Etta loves to sit on the couch or bed but also loves her crate; she even sleeps in the clothes basket if it’s near her foster. She almost never barks but is very vocal when it comes to letting you know how happy she is. She is happy to carry on a conversation for a full minute.

Etta will be a great companion. She’s very low energy but loves walks and car rides. She gets along well with the other dogs in her foster home, cats are unknown.