Available Dogs


  • All-American mix,
  • male,
  • 2 years,
  • 50 lbs.
Grant is a young, active, smart dog. He is food motivated and loves to learn for treats.  He pulls on leash, and who can blame him? There are too many things in the world that need to be chased, like squirrels and cats. He does have a high prey drive.

Grant has just completed a Canine Good Citizen class and now has his CGC! He has gained confidence and become more social, now seeing everyone as the giver of treats! Grant is a dog who needs plenty of exercise, and a job would help him to be content. He needs a securely fenced yard so he can spend unstructured time playing fetch or just sniffing around. Grant bonds with his owner and looks to his owner for guidance and confirmation. He is getting better about accepting handling from strangers, though he has a history of being a bit people-selective. He doesn’t like to share his owner with other dogs, so he has to be an only dog. He should not live with children, as he gets nervous around some people and gives signals and asks them to keep their distance. A child may not be able to read those signals. Grant bonds strongly with his person, and that is when his happy, waggy, smart and devoted personality really shines. He just isn’t a family dog. Grant is house trained, crate trained, and isn’t a barker. He is working with a trainer and that training would continue with the adopter. His ideal home would be with an experienced dog owner who can read him, and when he is nervous will remove him from the situation. Grant learns his routine and figures out quickly what benefits him. He wants to do what is right (and what gets him rewards!) He needs a strong leader that will show him what is right, and a structured lifestyle with a routine that he can count on. He would love a job to keep his mind busy, as well as plenty of exercise. Grant could excel at agility or rally or something like that. Grant does not attend adoption clinics. They are a little overwhelming for him with all of the people that want to come up to him and pet him. Prospective adopters who would like to meet Grant should fill out an adoption application and email rescue@peppertree.org so we can set up a meeting.