• All-American mix,
  • male,
  • 7-8 years,
  • 70 lbs.

Herbie was found as a stray, and while he appeared at first to be a senior dog in poor health, after a bath and grooming by one of our wonderful volunteers, Herbie was looking pretty good! He made a trip to the vet to take care of a few dental issues and a nasty looking cyst that turned out to be benign and was placed on a healthy diet and given lots of affection. That has set this boy on the road to being a happy dog who loves everyone, loves walks and loves his bed. Although impossible to know for sure, we estimate his age at about 7-8 years old. He is blind in one eye, and that blind spot makes him wary meeting other dogs, so a slow introduction would be best. We do recommend that he be the only dog so he can have 100% of the love and attention he may have missed out on previously. He has shown no interest in the cats he has met, though, so we think he’d be fine in a home with cats. Herbie is completely housebroken, loves to go for rides in the car and is always well behaved and easy to walk on leash. Will you be the one who gets to spend Herbie’s most fulfilling years with him?