Available Dogs


  • All American mix (Carolina dog or Cur mix, perhaps?),
  • female,
  • 2-3 years,
  • 51 lbs.

Hermione is very sweet, smart, friendly and affectionate. She absolutely loves belly rubs! She bonded quickly with her foster mom and is never far from her side when she’s home. She is an energetic girl who loves to play, and will either need an active family who will give her plenty of exercise, or a home with a playful canine companion. Her energy level may be too much for younger kids. She is learning to walk nicely on leash, but those pesky squirrels MUST be chased off, so adopters must be strong and prepared to rein her in! We have not tested her with cats, but we’re thinking she might be too interested in them to live with one. A smart girl, Hermione will thrive in a family which will continue to work with and train her. Hermione is not a fan of being crated and if she can’t be with her people, a baby gate across the door of the family room works better for her. The southern shelter that sent this sweet girl to Peppertree said she’s good with dogs and we think she’d do well in a home with another dog.