Trial Placement


  • All American mix (Carolina dog or Cur mix, perhaps?),
  • female,
  • 3-4 years,
  • 60 lbs.

Hermione (aka Harper) came to Peppertree from South Carolina, where she was found as a stray. She is a lovely, joyful companion in the home. She loves to cuddle, play, and act silly. She has no problem resting quietly while her foster mom works from home. Outside the home, she is somewhat excitable. She walks nicely on-leash much of the time, but she pulls hard and may bark when she sees another animal. A fenced-in yard is necessary in her new home while she builds a rapport and refines her leash skills with her new owner. Hermione is smart and loves to practice her commands. She will thrive in a home with someone to work with her and help her channel her energy. She requires either an owner who will give her plenty of exercise and mental stimulation, or a home with a playful canine companion. Hermione comes on strong with other dogs and she plays hard, so an easy-going medium or large dog may be the best match for her. She is too interested in cats to live with them. Hermione does not like crates and has not needed to be crated in her foster home. Her energy level may be too much for younger children, so only older kids for Hermione. She is housebroken and loves to ride in the car.

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