• Lab mix,
  • male,
  • 5 years,
  • 54 lbs.

Meet big-hearted Hobi. He is a good-natured chap despite having encountered some adversity. Hobi loves attention. – his tail never stops wagging and he always appreciates a good belly rub and a vigorous roll in the grass. Hobi has definite ideas about his role in life. He feels it is his duty to be a close companionand is content to lie on his dog bed and hang out quietly while you’re doing other things, though he may disturb you with his snoring. Hobi can be shy around new people, but he warms up quickly. He has excellent house manners; he has not been destructive and doesn’t jump on furniture. He is crate trained and will sleep in his crate throughout the night. Hobi is eager to please and will do anything for a treat. He has no issues with food except that he is very enthusiastic about it. He sometimes gets anxious around other dogs and needs a slow introduction; however, Hobi enjoys spending time with his foster sister and looks to her for confidence. Once introduced properly, he would do best with a mellow doggie friend to keep him company.

Hobi came from the south where he was found as a stray. At the shelter he was diagnosed and treated for heartworm and he also had old pelvic injuries from being hit by a car. During his time at the shelter, Hobi charmed the staff. They asked Peppertree to consider him although he had disabilities. Peppertree brought him into our program and we had a vet perform surgery to increase his mobility. That surgery is completed, and now Hobi is going to physical therapy, at Peppertree’s expense, to learn a new way to walk. Hobi is looking for a special person or family who will nurture him back to health and help him adjust and heal after surgery and therapy. If you need a new best friend who will be a wonderful companion why don’t you open your heart and home to Hobi?