• Australian cattle dog mix(?),
  • male,
  • 8 years,
  • 52 lbs.

Houston came to us from a shelter in Tennessee, where he was surrendered after his owner died.  He has been with his foster for nearly a week and has managed to steal her heart.  He’s affectionate, well behaved, housebroken and mostly obedient, except for those moments when he gets so excited, he runs around not sure how to deal with his happiness.This generally occurs when his person returns home! He also can “smell” an open door door a mile away, and will take advantage of any opportunity to dash by you to go down the street to visit the neighbors! For this reason, we’re requiring a fenced yard for our outgoing boy, to make sure his socializing is on your terms, not his. Houston is currently sharing his foster home with another, much larger, dog he previously lived with in Tennessee. He’s a very easy-going guy and gets on well with other dogs. We are told that he is not interested in cats.