• Sato,
  • male,
  • 8 months,
  • 25 lbs.

Humphrey is a rather shy boy who came to us from Puerto Rico after last summer’s hurricane.  He absolutely loves having another dog to play with and really does come out of his shell when around another dog. A home with a lot of patience is a must, though, as Humphrey will need time to become fully adjusted to living in a house and to his new family. Living on the street did not give Humphrey many opportunities to form bonds and trusting relationships with people. In particular, he seems very afraid of men and boys, so a female-only home might be best. If adopted by a couple, any males in the home will need to be willing to let a relationship with Humphrey form gradually out of time, trust (and LOTS of treats!) An quiet, adult-only home with a confident canine companion and a securely fenced-in yard are a must for him as he continues the process acclimating to life off the streets, and learns to trust people. With time, love and patience, Humphrey will be a wonderful companion. He is housebroken, crate-trained and has nice house manners for a puppy.