• Black lab,
  • male,
  • 7-8years,
  • 94 lbs.

Hutchley (aka Hutch) is all about hanging out with his person. He is working on trimming down his weight, which is helped by the fact that he loves to take walks in the woods and hang out in the barn or garden. His favorite activity is to wade and swim in the creek. Hutch is about as easy-going as it comes – no crate needed for this guy!  He is good with animals (dogs, cats, horses), kids, and adults. He follows you from room to room, sleeps next to your bed or chair, and never demands anything–just your kindness. Stairs are new to Hutchley and his back legs need more muscling to be secure on big staircases, but this is coming along. He understands basic commands and never leaves your sight. Hutch is just an all-around, big lovable guy who wants his forever person/family.