• German shorthaired pointer,
  • female,
  • 10 years,
  • 45 lbs.

Our sweet Joni at 10, believe it or not, is looking to start a new adventure in her life. Joni is a medium-sized German shorthaired pointer that has a list of things she enjoys and does well which is longer than her list of negatives. Joni enjoys the company of her human counterparts

very much and is happy to be in the same room as them all the time. While not a velcro dog needing to cuddle, she’s happy to curl up on the rug and keep a watchful eye on you. She does well with other dogs, cats and even kids/toddlers. She rarely ever barks or fusses much other than when she may want a walk or to go outside. Joni even loves car rides and happily curls up in her bed on a seat, and is comfortably left alone in the car while you run an errand, depending on weather and temperature! Completely house broken, she is generally a low maintenance dog who loves long naps in the sun and walks outdoors. With her age Joni has suffered a double ruptured ACL in her hind legs which does not slow her down a bit. It makes her an excellent walker as she does not pull on the leash. Joni has completed obedience courses and has her canine good citizen certification. She gets a glucosamine and fish oil supplement to support good joint health as well as a daily hormone to help with mild bladder leakage, easily managed with the affordable medicine.
Joni has an extremely sweet disposition and is eager to please but has unfortunately in her senior years developed separation anxiety. She is looking for a home where someone is home with her most of the time. We believe there are many homes where Joni would make a great companion and can live out her remaining years in peace and happiness which is no longer the case at her current home.

Won’t you open your heart and give this beautiful girl a try?