Lani is a 3 year old German Shepherd/Husky mix. She is spayed and microchipped. Lani is a Energizer Bunny, with boundless energy, smart, stubborn and full of attitude when she wants her way. Lani loves to run and is very dedicated to her owner, but she does tend to be a one person dog. Lani suffers from some separation anxiety but Lani is crate trained, so a family prepared to help her during the transition is necessary. Lani has been raised in a home with younger children but younger children tend to over-excite and sometimes trigger stress behaviors in Lani so older children only please. Younger children tend not to understand when she wants to be left alone and this at times can lead to her nipping to ask for space. Lani would benefit most from a single person who can dedicate time to her. Lani does not do well with small animals, she had a very high prey drive and thinks they are very, very fun to chase, and has been known to fixate on chipmunks and bunnies and be hard to redirect. Lani ‘s reaction to other dogs is a mixed bag; some she enjoys, some she does not, and seems to do better off leash. Lani does have some anxiety and over-excitement issues and she is a small world dog who does best staying at home. Lani loves to play find, hide treats in box, her dog chemistry set, and she knows hand signs for sit, down, stand and wait. She is Star puppy and Canine Good Citizen. If you are interested in meeting Lani, please fill out an adoption application through Peppertree Rescue and we will send it to their family.