• Yellow lab,
  • female,
  • 2 years,
  • 72 lbs.

Lilith is a sweet young girl. She loves to go for walks and is learning not to pull on leash. She has a lot of energy and could go hiking or be out doing family things all day. She loves to ride in the car and is polite in public. Lilith loves kids and gets along with other dogs. Cats are too exciting for her to be placed with them, though. After a fun romp outside, Lilith will come in and settle down nicely. She just wants to be with her people all of the time. Mostly so she can take your spot on the couch and steal your food. Lilith recently had surgery to correct a urinary tract problem and that issue appears to be resolved. The next thing we tackled for this poor girl was her itching. Lilith has allergies and will need allergy injections. Through it all Lilith has kept her sense of humor and lovely outgoing personality. To her, life is for having fun. She is ready for her next adventure!