Available Dogs


  • Mix,
  • female,
  • ~7 years,
  • 53 lbs.

Marnie is an incredibly gentle 5-8 year old mixed breed dog who loves company and cuddle sessions on the couch. She is looking for a human to follow around, someone who will be nearby when she wakes from her naps. Marnie is also seeking someone who likes to walk, so she can demonstrate her enthusiasm, stamina, and excellent leash manners. She rarely pulls and behaves well when meeting other dogs. When the weather’s nice, or when there’s fresh snow, Marnie will try to get you to run, but while running may be her preference at that moment, it is optional, and she will slow to match your pace if necessary. Marnie likes short play sessions, too, either chasing or being chased, but those sessions always end quickly with cuddling on the couch or a dog bed.

Have lots of visitors? Visiting dogs? No problem. Marnie is rock steady with strangers and strange dogs entering her home. She gets along with everyone. Shy at first with new people, she warms up to them quickly as soon as they quietly approach her and pet her. Marnie is also very careful taking treats, and careful in general, so definitely a kid-safe and cat-safe dog. She may however, prefer to live with older or quieter children as quick movements and yelling scare her.

Marnie rarely barks, and her foster family was convinced for a month that she didn’t bark, but she finally let out a woof late one night before bed. It’s also worth noting that Marnie prefers a fairly quiet home. Instruments, music, television, and blenders don’t bother her, but she finds some kid’s toy sounds terrifying. Marnie has a skin problem which we are working on finding out more about. She has no fur on her back end, belly, and legs. She has a dermatologist appointment coming up which we hope will provide some answers. She also has lots of lumps and bumps, but the vet says these aren’t a big deal. They certainly don’t affect her winning personality.