• Mix,
  • female,
  • ~7 years,
  • 53 lbs.

Are you looking for a best friend? Someone to follow you around and cuddle with on the couch? Someone to lay in the backseat of your car and go for a drive with? Meet Marnie, an incredibly gentle and sweet dog who loves company and cuddle sessions. She gets along wonderfully with all dogs and people.She doesn’t live with cats but we are fairly certain she would be fine with them.However, loud noises and quick movements will scare her as she is a bit shy, especially at first. Marnie has a kind soul and is such an easy dog to love. She will put a gentle paw on you for attention, she rarely barks and loves nothing more than to sleep on her dog bed or the couch. She has wonderful house manners and is left out to do what she wishes (which is mainly sleep or follow around whoever is in the house). Marnie has some skin problems (alopecia and lot of lumps and bumps) as well as some environmental allergies. The dermatologist is not certain her lost fur will ever grow back, but Marnie doesn’t mind, and she has some awfully cute pajamas to keep her warm in the winter. Marnie also had a series of seizures in April (happened only once) and those are now being controlled with medicine. Her medical issues are easily handled with medication and bi-weekly dog baths. She walks wonderfully on a leash and loves to meet different dogs. Marnie is such an easy dog to love and live with. She is looking for a family of her own, could you be it? 

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