• Beagle,
  • male,
  • 2-3 years,
  • 28 lbs.

Meet Moby! His age was listed as 3 when he was found and brought to a shelter in Kentucky. He could be younger though, and acts very much like a puppy. Moby has a genuine beagle outlook with a wonderful, gentle nature and a zest for life. He is happy and affectionate and hasn’t met a person he doesn’t like. He’s wonderful with children and is a little dog with a lot of character. He’s got a definite personality-just a tinybit mischievous but above all, loving. Moby likes to hang out with you in the kitchen while you cook and smell all the great cooking smells or just curl up with you for a cuddle. He is all beagle when it is time for his daily walks; he puts his nose to the ground and just wants to go, go, go. He likes to investigate everything and will bring you his finds with his little tail wagging. Moby is very intelligent and has learned a few commands very quickly. He really wants to please his people. Moby is housebroken and hasn’t had one accident in his foster home. He also is quiet for a beagle (we haven’t heard any howling and only very occasional barking). He would love to have a canine companion to hang out with. He’s just an overall great dog looking for a great home.