Trial Placement


  • All-American mix,
  • female,
  • 12 years,
  • 11 lbs.

Myrtle is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. She loves to constantly be around people. When out for walks she is uninterested in the other dogs that greet her but will approach any person she passes and give them a lick in exchange for some pets. In the home she likes to be where the people are and enjoys a good snuggly nap on the couch, especially after longer walks (20-30 minutes). Myrtle is house broken, indicating she needs to go by standing by the door. She walks well on a leash and loves riding in the car. She will try to sneak under the backyard fence given the opportunity.

Myrtle likes to cuddle on the couch with pillows and blankets. She does not care for chew toys and is not particularly playful, but she will be your shadow around the house. She seems to be hard of hearing, as she will stay asleep until woken up by head scratches. She does not respond to her name or follow many verbal commands but will stop what she is doing and turn to look if you are loud enough. She responds well to gesturing, waiting on the floor to be invited onto the couch with a patting motion on the seat, though she can’t jump onto anything too high.

If you are looking for a little love bug to keep you company while working from home, Myrtle might just be the friend for you!

If you already have an application in, you do not need to fill out another one.  Just send an e-mail to or call 518-435-7425.