Available Dogs


  • Beagle mix,
  • male,
  • 6-8 months,
  • 22 lbs.

Navarro is a fun little guy who loves to play, run, fetch balls and toss toys. He gets along nicely with other dogs and does well with kids. Navarro is still very puppyish and playful and is working on his manners. He will steal shoes, socks and things to chew, and he will take your snack if you leave it in reach! A securely fenced yard is required for Navarro, as he will follow his nose in typical beagle fashion to chase squirrels and sniff for other critters. He has a good amount of energy and would make a great jogging buddy. He can run for miles! He enjoys his bed when he’s tired from playing. Navarro could be your perfect match in a nicely sized package!