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Saturday, July 11, 2015
10:30 am - 1:30 pm

Latham Petco, 664 New Loudon Rd., Latham, NY 12110

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Neighbor's Corner

Privately-Owned Dogs Evaluated by Peppertree

The dogs are still living with their owners but need to find a new home. Each of these dogs has been evaluated by Peppertree and the descriptions are accurate based on our assessment. (We must note, however, that we do not have the detailed knowledge that we gain about dogs that are actually in the program and in our own foster homes.)

As space and time permit, we may be taking some, perhaps all, of these dogs into our program based on availability of appropriate foster homes. Our priority, however, must always be the equally-qualified dogs who are in shelters and have no more time left. In the meantime, you are encouraged to consider these dogs and to arrange a meeting if you feel they may be suitable for your home. The owner's contact information is listed below the description. (Where Peppertree has agreed to do the screening, that will be indicated.)

If you think that you might be interested in fostering one of these dogs for Peppertree, please email Whenever we are informed by an owner that a dog in this category is available to come to a clinic, a description of the dog will be included in the clinic announcement sent to all active applicants.

Neighbor's Corner dogs will be listed for 3 months. If the listing has expired and the dog is still available, it is the responsibility of the listing party to send in an updated description and information.

Please note: The dogs listed below are not yet in the Peppertree program. For information on any of the dogs listed below, please refer to the contact information that is listed in each dog's description.

AuggieAUGGIE - 3 year old male Boxer mix – Auggie is the total package, he is smart, good looking, loving and devoted. A true boxer personality, this loyal fellow just loves being with his people, be it snuggling on the couch or going on a family walk or heading out for a car ride. Being with people makes him happy! He is more than just a dog with rugged good looks too - Auggie has mastered basic obedience and has excellent house manners to boot. He also has a real happy personality and will greet you with full body wiggles and make you laugh by chasing bubbles or with his typical boxer talking. He is not a barker but he still likes to express himself, especially when he wants to play, is ready to go out, or wants to wear his sweater. He also loves to play fetch or just enjoy the sunshine. Auggie lives with a cat and loves them, they seem to love him too and he gets kisses from one of his kitty friends. He is a little unsure around kids though and seems to avoid them, although we think he’d be fine with older kids who are a little more predictable. Auggie does well with other dogs, he loves to play so he would do best with a dog that likes to play and play a bit rough. He’s always been an only dog so he will have to meet any future canine siblings first to make sure they will be great friends. Auggie does have some allergies (like dust mites!) and needs to be on meds, as well as a special diet, but it is easily controlled. Auggie is currently living in the city and needs a bit more exercise than a house without a yard can provide. He really needs the chance to run and play and so his family would like him in a house with a yard. They are very sad to see him go, but know there is a very special home out there waiting for this very special boy! You can contact Auggie's family at 518-360-6279 to find out more about this awesome guy.

Jack and biscuitJACK AND BISCUIT - 4 year old male Beagles. Jack and Biscuit are a ready-made pair of perfect companions! They are house trained, have excellent house manners, and love meeting new people. They are easy going guys, and quieter than most beagles as these boys never found their howl! Jack and Biscuit enjoy a nice walk to head out and sniff all there is to sniff, and are even good on a leash. They have never lived with children but have always done well with those they have met, cats are unknown. If you are interested in meeting them you can either call 518-331-9739 or e-mail

SunshineSUNSHINE - 2 year old female lab mix - Sunshine is true to her name and will surely light up the life of her new family! This dainty and delicate girl can be unsure in new situations but in the home she is a fun, snuggly girl. She has excellent house manners, is crate trained and does well with other dogs - although she has not been around a lot so she needs a slow introduction so she doesn't get scared. Once she gets comfortable she seems to really enjoy their company. Sunshine lights up in a yard and loves to play fetch and be outside with her people. She is a very balanced girl though and also is a champion cuddler. Sunshine has never been around small children or cats, and we are not sure how she will do. We suspect she would do wonderfully well with older children though, small children are a bit more unpredictable so we would have to do a meet and greet. Peppertree Rescue is helping to place Sunshine so if you are interested in her please fill out an application through Peppertree Rescue and it will be forwarded to her family.

Guest Listings

A helping hand to other rescues.

Please note: The dogs listed below are not in the Peppertree program. For information on any of the dogs listed under Guest Listings, please refer to the contact information that is listed in each dog's description.

ChesterCHESTER - 1 year old male German Shorthaired Pointer - Chester is a handsome liver purebred pointer in search of an active, loving home. He currently lives with a family who loves him very much but unfortunately realizes they cannot offer him the type of home he needs. Chester is an active boy that loves to play fetch, romp with other dogs, and snuggle with his family. But Chester also loves to learn and thrives when his mind is working - he is a working breed after all! Just don't ask him to hunt, he does not do much pointing for a pointer. Chester would love a home that can keep his body and brain occupied - giving him time to run (maybe jog?), play with other dogs, and that will continue with his education. Maybe even try agility or fly-ball! He is a regular at Shawna's Dogs and even though he is just a year old he has already attended Basic Obedience, Loose Leash Walking and Self Control/Focus Classes and excelled. He is a bit of a teacher's pet and known to suck up to the person with food. Chester knows commands such as sit, down, watch me, leave it, drop it, and is working on come when called. He also attends daycare at Shawna’s Dogs and has MANY dog friends whom he plays very well with. Chester has lived with children but would likely to best in a quiet home. He has never lived with cats so we are not sure how he will do. Chester is a loyal and devoted dog who becomes very bonded to his family, but he sometimes can be nervous when meeting new people or having strangers unexpectedly walk into his unfenced yard when he is on his tie-out. His new owners need to be willing to provide him with positive training so that he may overcome his nervousness and gain more confidence in situations like this. If you are interested in Chester and would like more information on him, please contact Shawna at 518-937-2544.

PepperPEPPER - 4 year old female Rottweiler mix - Pepper is WONDERFUL! She is low-key follow you around kind of girl. This petite girl was in a foster with dogs of all ages and did great with each and everyone. She LOVES everyone, including visitors, and she is house trained, crate trained (although she does not need one) and good for a bath. Quiet too, and easily walked by a 14 year old. Pepper came in stray after a member of the public found her and held on to her for a few days. It is reported that for those few days Pepper lived with one adult, two teenagers (ages 15 and 18), and a cat. Finder claims dog and cat got along. It is also reported she was friendly and polite to strangers as the finder walked her down the street. Pepper walked nicely on leash for her walks with no pulling. Pepper passed her evaluation at the shelter with flying colors! This beautiful five year old girl is a New York Native, and is compact and loving. Pepper is being fostered in the Albany area, if you are interested in meeting Pepper you can apply through For the Love of Dogs at

ScrappySCRAPPY - All-American mix, male, ~10 months old. Scrappy is a nice, active boy who gets along with other dogs. He is neutered and vetted. He needs some work on manners, but he is a smart boy and once he gets into a home and has a decent outlet for his energy, we expect he will settle down and be a great companion. A home with a canine companion who enjoys his rough-and-tumble style of playing would be perfect for him. This is a young dog with a lot of potential in the right home! We do not know about cats. For more information about Scrappy, email .

StellaSTELLA - Stella is a 4-5 year-old Golden/Corgi mix who was tearfully surrendered by her former family due to a serious health situation of a family member. Stella had been adopted 4 years prior and had been a beloved companion who enjoyed hiking and jogging with the family, playing fetch with their son, and chasing squirrels. She is being fostered in White Plains, NY and her foster family has found her to be reliably housebroken, never gets on furniture, and just loves following us around the house wherever we are. Stella is an intelligent, loving, loyal, and beautiful dog who needed a little training. She is a great dog who hasn’t reached her full potential yet. Our trainer Eddie will continue to work with her in her adoptive home, if needed. Stella would relish a home where she can be spoiled, kissed and loved. Stella is up-to-date on vaccination, heartworm negative, and is spayed You can read more about Stella on SGRR's website:

Other Dogs Available for Adoption

These dogs are not part of the Peppertree program. Either we have not had time or personnel to evaluate them, or their owners want to entirely be in charge of the placement. You should contact the person listed to learn more about the dog. Please let us know if you adopt the dog or if the description given here is misleading or significantly incomplete.

Please note: If you would like to list your dog in the Neighbor's Corner, please send an email with a description of the dog, contact information and a .jpg photo (no wider than 150 pixels) as an attachment to

Neighbor's Corner dogs will be listed for 3 months. If the listing has expired and the dog is still available, it is the responsibility of the listing party to send in an updated description and information.

SeamusSEAMUS - Seamus is a Redbone Coonhound mix (mom was a Redbone)--born 1/10/14. He is neutered, 65 lbs. Like many Coonhounds, he is full of energy, very vocal, and loves to run and follow his nose (fenced-in yard is a must), but also enjoys snuggling. Seamus did well in basic obedience school and is up to date with vaccinations. He would do best in a home with adults or older children (he loves his 11 year old human buddy), a fenced yard, and as the only pet. Please call Bryan at 518-495-4482 if you are interested in Seamus.

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