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Miller Animal Hospital,380 N Greenbush Rd, Troy, NY 12180

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Neighbor's Corner

Privately-Owned Dogs Evaluated by Peppertree

The dogs are still living with their owners but need to find a new home. Each of these dogs has been evaluated by Peppertree and the descriptions are accurate based on our assessment. (We must note, however, that we do not have the detailed knowledge that we gain about dogs that are actually in the program and in our own foster homes.)

As space and time permit, we may be taking some, perhaps all, of these dogs into our program based on availability of appropriate foster homes. Our priority, however, must always be the equally-qualified dogs who are in shelters and have no more time left. In the meantime, you are encouraged to consider these dogs and to arrange a meeting if you feel they may be suitable for your home. The owner's contact information is listed below the description. (Where Peppertree has agreed to do the screening, that will be indicated.)

If you think that you might be interested in fostering one of these dogs for Peppertree, please email Whenever we are informed by an owner that a dog in this category is available to come to a clinic, a description of the dog will be included in the clinic announcement sent to all active applicants.

Neighbor's Corner dogs will be listed for 3 months. If the listing has expired and the dog is still available, it is the responsibility of the listing party to send in an updated description and information.

Please note: The dogs listed below are not yet in the Peppertree program. For information on any of the dogs listed below, please refer to the contact information that is listed in each dog's description.

BanditBANDIT - 8 year old male Chihuahua mix - 15 lbs - Looking for a buddy that likes walks and lounging around equally? Bandit is your fellow! He is a nice dog with great house manners and a confident personality in the house, but sometimes can be a bit overwhelmed meeting new people and likes a slow introduction. Bandit has lived with multiple dogs and cats and is social, although we think he has a touch of a Napoleon Complex so mellow canine companions may keep the house hold running smoothest. Because he startles easily he should not be placed with kids, and unfortunately vets scare him so his new family needs to be aware that new or scary things should be introduced slowly - and preferably with a side of cheese, he really loves cheese! Bandit was recently adopted by a family who realized he was not a fit for their house, but prior to that he was with one family for 7 years, and we're hoping the right family will come along and be the perfect match! If you are interested in Bandit please fill out an application through Peppertree Rescue.

LukeLUKE - 7 yr old male neutered beagle. Luke's owners' lives have changed a bit and they need to find him a new home. He is a nice boy that loves to be outside. Luke is good with older children and loves to play with other dogs. He is a little unsure of small children, like babies and toddlers. Luke is house trained, and good inside, but he really likes to be out sniffing, as that is what he was bred to do. He needs a little work on coming when called because he just follows his nose. He loves treats and will come for them. Luke is used to being an independent dog so he doesn't need people all of the time. He is in great shape, and can act quite puppy like. If you think he might be a fit for your home, call Michelle at 518-653-1803.

Guest Listings

A helping hand to other rescues.

Please note: The dogs listed below are not in the Peppertree program. For information on any of the dogs listed under Guest Listings, please refer to the contact information that is listed in each dog's description.

BoomerBOOMER - Boomer is a sweet boy with a gentle demeanor. He is a 2yr old retriever-terrier mix, weighing in around 58lbs. Boomer loves to play with other dogs, but he's also happy to get love and attention from him human friends. Boomer likes to snuggle and makes himself at home quickly by cozying up on the couch. Boomer is pretty easy-going and seems to blend well with new people and places. What a great guy! He loves kids and would prefer a cat-free home. :-) For more information about Boomer, please email .

RedRED - Red, 5 year old male pitbull, 50 lbs. Red is a lovable, sweet boy who needs a foster or forever home. He came to Sunnyside Veterinary Hospital by way of Schenectady Animal Control in July 2012...four years is far too long without a home to call his own. This smushy guy loves people and is friendly with male and female dogs. He's had some obedience training and is particularly good at sitting for treats and takes them gently. This bouncy boy may make a good running or hiking companion. Red is probably too interested in cats to live with one. Because he has lived in a kennel for four years, he will likely take a little time to get acclimated in a home. This handsome boy thoroughly enjoys car rides. If you're interested in Red, please fill out an adoption application through Peppertree Rescue or call Susan at (518) 281-0555.

Stevie wonderSTEVIE WONDER - 7 year old male pit bull mix - There are many things we can tell you about Stevie Wonder, but the first and likely the most obvious is that he is blind. And without a doubt this could be a challenge for many dogs. But Stevie gets along incredibly well. Once he learns his surroundings he settles right in. So if you think of discounting him because of his lack of sight please keep an open mind. When it comes to personality, to meet Stevie is to absolutely LOVE him. He is joyful and sweet natured and it is really easy to connect with him. He is good with other friendly dogs, totally housebroken and generally an easy keeper. He is interested in cats but he can certainly be kept away from them with a few well placed baby gates. He has taken basic obedience classes and is a well mannered fellow. If you are interested in meeting Stevie Wonder then please fill out an application with Out of the Pits at - he is a lovely dog that has been in and out of rescue a few times, and we are eager to see him find his forever home

StormSTORM - Storm is a poodle mix who weighs approx. 15 lbs. He is a neutered male, 8 yrs old, who is friendly and good with all, cats and dogs. For more information please call Barb at 729-6370.

TahoeTAHOE - German Shepherd/Akita mix, male, 2 years old, 65 lb. Do you like your dogs big and fluffy? Then Tahoe may be the guy for you. This handsome fellow is ready to bring a lot of love and enthusiasm to the right home. Tahoe is smart, strong, and stunning don't you think? He is also house trained, crate trained and loves to go for walks, although he can be a puller and needs some help with leash manners. We bet he would really love to join you for some hikes or even jogging though! And if those are not your thing he is always up for a game of fetch. And when the day is done he is happy to sleep with you in the bed, although he is crate trained too. Tahoe has lived with other dogs and loves to play, but he does like to be in charge so easy-going canine companions are a must. Tahoe likes to chase cats so he would likely do best in a cat free home, or one that could safely manage and separate him from feline friends. Tahoe is at that great age where puppy naughtiness is behind him and he is full of potential and ready to become the great dog we know he can be. For more information about Tahoe, please fill out an app at or email .

Other Dogs Available for Adoption

These dogs are not part of the Peppertree program. Either we have not had time or personnel to evaluate them, or their owners want to entirely be in charge of the placement. You should contact the person listed to learn more about the dog. Please let us know if you adopt the dog or if the description given here is misleading or significantly incomplete.

Please note: If you would like to list your dog in the Neighbor's Corner, please send an email with a description of the dog, contact information and a .jpg photo (no wider than 150 pixels) as an attachment to

Neighbor's Corner dogs will be listed for 3 months. If the listing has expired and the dog is still available, it is the responsibility of the listing party to send in an updated description and information.

Frida and gretaFRIDA AND GRETA - 8 year old female German Shepherds. This beautiful bonded pair of German Shepherds is in need of a new home through no fault of their own. Their family's 20 month old son has been found to have severe allergies to dogs and they are affecting his health quite negatively despite their best efforts with medications, vaccuuming, brushing, etc. The family has made the hard decision to find them a new home. They are your classic family dogs and all you think of when you think of German Shepherds - loyal, smart, sweet and people loving. They have lived with a cat briefly and were fine, but unfortunately they do not do well meeting new dogs. They are in excellent health and super easy keepers - low energy, good house manners. They just like to be pet and hang out with their person, or maybe play a game of fetch if you have the time. Please call 802-779-9251 if you think you might be the right home for these two special girls. They are very loved and the family is eager to find a home that will love them as much as they do.

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