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Neighbor's Corner

Privately-Owned Dogs Evaluated by Peppertree

The dogs are still living with their owners but need to find a new home. Each of these dogs has been evaluated by Peppertree and the descriptions are accurate based on our assessment. (We must note, however, that we do not have the detailed knowledge that we gain about dogs that are actually in the program and in our own foster homes.)

As space and time permit, we may be taking some, perhaps all, of these dogs into our program based on availability of appropriate foster homes. Our priority, however, must always be the equally-qualified dogs who are in shelters and have no more time left. In the meantime, you are encouraged to consider these dogs and to arrange a meeting if you feel they may be suitable for your home. The owner's contact information is listed below the description. (Where Peppertree has agreed to do the screening, that will be indicated.)

If you think that you might be interested in fostering one of these dogs for Peppertree, please email Whenever we are informed by an owner that a dog in this category is available to come to a clinic, a description of the dog will be included in the clinic announcement sent to all active applicants.

Neighbor's Corner dogs will be listed for 3 months. If the listing has expired and the dog is still available, it is the responsibility of the listing party to send in an updated description and information.

Please note: The dogs listed below are not yet in the Peppertree program. For information on any of the dogs listed below, please refer to the contact information that is listed in each dog's description.

BismarkBISMARK - 7 year old male Rottie mix - This gentle giant is over 100 pounds, but sometimes great things come in great big packages. Bismark is a wonderful family dog that started his life in Alaska and made the trek across the country with his family. He loves the children in his home and does well with small children but is finding himself home alone for long periods of the day and his family feels he deserves a home where he can get all the attention he deserves. He does very well with cats and has lived with dogs although he can bark at bit when meeting new dogs and needs a slow introduction. Bismark somewhat resembles the Cowardly Lion in that he does not realize his inner strength, so he is sometimes scared when new people come over and barks at them. But if you hand him a treat and squat down low and play your cards right he will soon be coming up to you giving you kisses. Once you are friends you are friends forever and he will soon be trying to work his way into your lap so he can get lots of pets and snuggling. On top of being a gentle giant, he is also a giant lap dog. His one bad habit - Bismark is a fan of exploring garbage cans (and diaper genies) so he is best left crated or in a secure room when you are not at home. Bismark loves the snow and being outside, and he really enjoys a good walk followed by a nap. Bismark would be happiest in a home with kids and a family that has time to give him lots of attention. If you are interested in meeting Bismark or learning more about him, please contact his family at 907-947-6938 or e-mail .

CujoCUJO - Miniature Pinscher, male, 12 years. Cujo is dignified, dashing, and while his name may have you thinking otherwise, the only dangerous thing about him is how dangerously adorable he is. This senior gent loves to snuggle, enjoys a nice walk, and does well with other dogs of all sizes, his foster home currently has a chihuahua and a large hound mix. The joy of adopting an adult dog is they often come already trained. Cujo is no exception, he has excellent house manners and has basic obedience down. If you are interested in Cujo please fill out an application through Peppertree Rescue and we will forward it along to his family.

JojoJOJO - Jojo is a an approx. 7 yr old Sato (slang for Puerto Rican mixed breed street dog) who weights 48 lbs. He was fortunate enough to be chosen to leave Puerto Rico, where life is typically not good for many dogs, and head north to NY. Currently he is with a trainer who is spending plenty of one-on-one time helping Jojo to become more comfortable with life in a home as a companion. He is making a lot of progress. Initially shy upon meeting new people, Jojo quickly warms up and will endearingly lean against a person for some scratches and pats. He is fine with other dogs and most likely will respect a cat who didn't run from but him stood its ground and let him know the rules from the start. That's the kind of guy Jojo is----not looking for any trouble and grateful for any kind attention. He keeps his kennel clean and loves to walk on a treadmill! Jojo is a nice medium size, 45-50 lbs, and up to date on all vaccinations and of course neutered. If interested in meeting Jojo, please submit a Peppertree adoption application and it will be forwarded to his caretaker. (Submitting an application obligates you to nothing.)

Guest Listings

A helping hand to other rescues.

Please note: The dogs listed below are not in the Peppertree program. For information on any of the dogs listed under Guest Listings, please refer to the contact information that is listed in each dog's description.

CocoaCOCOA - Cocoa is a 2 yr, 35 lb, Spaniel-mix, spayed female, who comes to us from Texas. She is a sweet and loving girl! She is very quiet in the home and perfectly content to lay on her dog bed for a belly rub. She does well with dogs of all sizes! Cocoa has an easy-going demeanor and is happy to go wherever you are going. Get your applications in! This girl is a catch!

PaddyPADDY - Terrier mix (maybe Rat terrier or Jack Russell mix?), 1-2 years, 22 lbs. Looking for a small dog? This tiny girl is just 22 pounds and as cute as they come. We honestly have no idea of her breed mix but we are pretty certain she isn't a pitbull! She is just so tiny in person it is comical and she has these short little legs. But boy is she so cute and she has a wonderful personality, she is such an incredibly happy and well behaved dog. She is also good with cats and other dogs (big and small). Paddy would do wonderful in any home - older folks would probably love her for her size. Please visit for more information.

PoePOE - My name is Poe and I am looking for my forever home! I am here in New York now but am willing to move to NH,VT or MA for the right home. I am 2 years old and 35 lbs. I LOVE to play and run around in the yard with my friend Jackson. We are about the same age and we REALLY LOVE TO PLAY. I get along with all dogs here in my foster home. I listen very well to the female dog here and when she says that Jackson and I have had enough playing we stop! I had a bad experience with a cat, though, and now I'm afraid of them, so no cats for me, please! I also like all toys, especially Nylabones. I have a bunch and can entertain myself with one. Oh, and I am super sweet and cuddly. Who is ready to give me my forever home?????? For more information about Poe, please contact Monica at .

RachelRACHEL - Blue Tick Coonhound mix (DOB 2/14) Rachel is a NC baby and is a love. She is smart, sweet, affection and a loyal dog. She has a wonderful personality and is a bit of a character. She likes children and five and older would be best. She is living in a home with multiple dogs and is dog friendly. Her energy level is moderate. She walks well on a leash. Due to the hound in her a home without cats is required along with a fenced in yard. She is crate trained and housebroken. She is spayed and UTD on vaccinations. If interested in Rachel contact Diane at

SargeSARGE - Sarge is an Australian Cattle Dog ("blue heeler") mix (three-quarters pure), roughly 6 years old, a neutered male, and up to date on all his medical needs and vaccinations. He weighs roughly 45 pounds. He is crate, house, and obedience trained and is good about walking on his leash. He’s a good listener and very loyal to his people. Sarge is a sweet boy who loves to snuggle with his head on your lap or sleep at the foot of your bed. He is extremely well behaved in the car and loves to go for rides where he can look out the window. Sarge is a loving, smart, devoted dog and while his family adores him they realize he is not happy in their home. They have worked with their trainer and veterinarian but unfortunately even though he loves his people, and they love him, Sarge was never happy living with their other dog, and now he is even unhappier living with a very mobile baby. He needs a home with fewer stressors where he can get more attention and not feel the need to be "on guard" all the time. Sarge needs to be in a home where he is the ONLY dog and probably should NOT be in a home with cats. Because of his strong herding and guarding instinct, he may react to other dogs while being walked, if loose running in a field with other dogs, or if another dog came to his house for a visit. He also should NOT be in a home with small children for safe measure because they move quickly and unpredictably. He gets along really well, however, with calm older children (around 10 years and up) who will pet him and throw the ball without getting wild. If you think you could provide the perfect home for Sarge and are interested in meeting him, please email Contacts will be interviewed to ensure the best fit and more background information about Sarge will be provided to interested families. LOCATED IN BRUNSWICK, NY.

SugarSUGAR - Sugar (DOB 06/14) Mastiff mix with a gorgeous brindle coat. If you are looking for some extra sweetness in your life, Sugar may be your girl. She is sweet, loving and a bit of a character. When she is giving out the kisses all over your face, she occasionally likes to nibble on your ears. She knows sit, down, focus, touch, stay, come and basic command of leave it. She would be happy being an only dog or having a calm male doggie friend in her new home. She is dog friendly, but it doesn’t mean she wants to be friends with every dog. Sugar is not a high energy dog, but she does require some exercise and then she will be happy to be a couch potato. Sugar would also be good with somebody that is active because a five mile walk doesn't even phase her. She rides great in the car and loves to stop for a vanilla ice cream cone or scoop of vanilla in a dish. Watch out if you have shoes with laces because when Sugar gets excited she likes to untie them and she is quick with her skill. Chew toys are a must for her inside the home, and outside her favorite toys are sticks, rope and tennis balls. She likes to play tug a war. She enjoys playing in the water. Sugar is not happy if she doesn't have a blanket or some type of bedding at night time to sleep on. She is crate trained and has a solid athletic body - her weight is between 70 and 75 pounds. Sugar also likes children, but due to her size and her not having a real sense of her size the children would have to be older in age. Sugar's leash skills are not bad, just need some fine tuning. She is spayed and up to date on her vaccinations. If interested in Sugar contacted Diane at

ToriTORI - A very petite 10 month old terrier mix, Tori is quite a presence, a real big personality in a little body! This wee one could be incredible in sports because she’s super agile, has great body awareness and loves to learn. She is very food motivated and very people oriented so a great combo for canine activities. She loves to cuddle, jumping right into your lap, and loves toys of any kind. She also absolutely adores children and comes to life when they are around, the most good-natured outgoing girl! She is only 18 pounds. She is not good with cats. Tori would be happiest as the solo dog and does need a fenced yard. For more information about Tori, please contact

WinterWINTER - To all our lab lovers... Do not overlook WINTER! Winter is an 18 month old female, 60lbs, who comes to us from Texas. We can't believe she was overlooked at the shelter! This sweetheart loves everybody and won't be in rescue for long. Please share to help her find her forever home. Submit your application at .

Other Dogs Available for Adoption

These dogs are not part of the Peppertree program. Either we have not had time or personnel to evaluate them, or their owners want to entirely be in charge of the placement. You should contact the person listed to learn more about the dog. Please let us know if you adopt the dog or if the description given here is misleading or significantly incomplete.

Please note: If you would like to list your dog in the Neighbor's Corner, please send an email with a description of the dog, contact information and a .jpg photo (no wider than 150 pixels) as an attachment to

Neighbor's Corner dogs will be listed for 3 months. If the listing has expired and the dog is still available, it is the responsibility of the listing party to send in an updated description and information.

There are no neighbor's dogs available at this time. Please check back again soon.
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