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Peppertree's New Beginnings

LexieOn April 17, 2004, I adopted from your organization a sweet girl who then went by the name KIA. We did change her name to LEXIE. She is a very sweet girl. Lexie has done very well with us. She is a very easy going kind of girl and just kind of goes with the flow. She did work for several years as a Therapy Dog. She is definitely up there in age but has managed to keep her good looks! We have a fair bit of company at our house and she just always seems to know in advance that there are people coming. She has taken over the position of Walmart greeter in our home. She will sit watching the door and will greet each person as they come, and will then resume her position to wait for the next arrivals. And this will continue until she knows all her friends are here. While she has slowed down some with her age she still can hold her ground to play with her younger sister Maya, or to remind us that she really did not want us to take in that poor cat last year. Lexie loves to cuddle in with her daddy every night at bedtime and makes sure she gets "her" spot on the bed before her sister beats her to it. Thank you for saving such a great girl and for the many more you continue to save each day. I am attaching a recent picture of Lexie for you. Lexie is the blonde girl, with her little sister Maya taken last Halloween.

PIPPIN PIPERWe adopted Piper (formerly Lilo) from Peppertree in the summer of 2013. We instantly knew that she was going to fit in just fine with our family. She loves to give kisses and snuggle up with us, and in the nice weather, she enjoys running what we call "Piper circles" around the yard while the kids play.

In February 2015, we decided to add another companion to our family. Pippin (formerly Astro) came to live with us, and it was, again, love at first sight. This sweet little guy is our shadow. He loves to be with his people, snuggle up with his toys, chase tennis balls, and is just the gentlest, sweetest little guy you'd ever meet.

Thank you so much, Peppertree, for two successful adoptions! We love our little furry friends so much!

BENSONBENSON, aka Benny and affectionately known by me as Boopers, is loving his new home and I love him! Oh, the rest of the family loves him too, including the cats, he's a very lucky dog. We traveled to Florida together and he was just great. He loves to take walks and play with his toys. He loves his treats. We visit friends and he loves everybody and they love him. He's the best!

One thing I can tell you about him is he always has to see what's going on, that's a good thing I guess. I'm so happy I found him. Thank you so much Peppertree,

Cindy Burgess & Benny

FelixFELIX, now CHUNK (on the right), is a total FOSTER FAIL! We had no intentions of adopting another pet after rescuing Lemmy, our Cheagle, in July. Still, we wanted to pay it forward. After two great Peppertree dogs came and left, we thought we had this fostering thing down. It was tough to say goodbye, but we could do it! Then we met Felix. This poor little Shih Tzu was so scared and sad after being left by his people in an NYC shelter. We tried to help with snuggles and play, but he would consistently retreat back into his shell. As it turned out, the poor guy also had a painful infection! Once that was managed, his beautiful character started to shine through. Still, we kept looking at applicants for his new forever home...unaware that we were falling head over heels in love. Then, two nights before he was scheduled to meet two great potential new families, we saw him open up with our Lemmy. They snuggled. They played. They snuggled some more. That was it. We were his parents. And, we've never been happier to fail at anything!

Shannon and Gabe

Georgia and BentleyMy two wonderful Peppertree Rescues! On the left is Georgia (aka Sandy) and on right, Bentley (aka Mack). Georgia came to me two years ago and Bentley has been with since November. Bentley is just a lover. He thinks he is a lap dog and just wants to be near me! He is a great dog!! Georgia is a sweet girl, who just loves to run and chase squirrels in the back yard! I love Peppertree and am grateful for the work they do to help these babies that are now my babies!

NolaNOLA's all ready to be a Mets fan with the boys and she doesn't mind napping with my daughter, either. She sleeps in my daughter's room if there's no one around and we forget to close the door. She is always following me up and down the stairs. She comes to me when I call her, and sits and stays (sometimes, if there's not something too exciting going on!) and can lie down. She's taken off through a hole in the fence on Jim, but I have found her quickly each time, she doesn't go far and she comes to me when I call her. Oh, we did put a tag on her with our address and phone number, in addition to her Peppertree tag. Lately she's begun "talking." She just walks around making noises, and when I ask her if she's telling me a story, she just follows me around making more of them, but she doesn't seem distressed. I still can't really get her to engage in play. Once in a while she will chase a ball outside. She's so fast, I think I'll try a frisbie when the ground clears. Anyway, we really love her and can't thank you enough for connecting us.

Anne and Jim Johnson

BlazeIt has only been 2 weeks but BLAZE is clearly the best thing that’s happened to Nugget! I came out of our room this morning to see her cleaning his face (which she’s been doing more and more) and every morning while I’m in the shower they both lay at the top of the stairs waiting for breakfast (I’ve attached a photo). She doesn’t get nervous or feel the need to follow him around when he gets up and walks to a different room anymore. When they ride in the car Nugget assumes her spot on the center console and Blaze sits in the back looking over her head… they crack me up!

Heather and Nick

Mickey RooneyRocco (formerly MICKEY ROONEY) and I are getting along famously. Rocco has settled in and is King of the castle! I tell everyone that this is Rocco's house and he lets me live here! We spend our days going for long walks, playing, and napping. We've walked so much that I've lost about 10 pounds and Rocco is looking very svelte and handsome! Rocco loves to watch Animal Planet on TV, look out the windows and watch the birds and feral cats in the neighborhood roam in the back yard. We are still working on a few manners, like barking when the neighbors come and go, but other than that, we are best buds! I agree with some of the other adopters in believing that whomever said money "doesn't buy happiness" obviously never paid an adoption fee. I look forward to a long and wonderful friendship with this sweet boy! I would also like to take this opportunity to THANK Rocco's previous foster family - they obviously cared, fed, and trained him well as this whole transition has been a piece of cake! Enjoy the photo - I'm not nearly as photogenic as the doggie, but as you can see, we make quite a team!

AmberAMBER, now nicknamed Bam, and another female beagle who we think was her mother were found as strays in rural Albany Co and never claimed. This is sadly all too common with beagles. My husband and I saw them on Peppertree's website in need of a foster home and decided to help them out; we have two male beagles and thought it would be worth a try to foster them. Both girls were full of love for all people and only wanted to please and be part of a family. Bramble (now named Rosie by her adoptive family) was the older of the two girls and she went to her forever home in about a month's time. Amber was initially nervous and very, very BUSY but from the get-go she got along beautifully with our beagle boys and with us. She fit in so well and became such a part of the family that we realized, after helping her adjust to life in a home (with lots of patience!) that we couldn't bear to let her go. Bam is a great addition to our family and we are sooooo happy.

BOJANGLESWe are so happy to be BOJANGLES’ official Mommy and Daddy! :-) He is an absolute joy, and we feel so incredibly fortunate to have made the Peppertree connection which set this whole wonderful journey in motion!

Each day, we find a new reason to fall more head-over-heels in love with Bo, and he is adjusting to his new home beautifully. His adoption fee is undoubtedly the finest investment ever spent on such a priceless little soul! :-)

Dan and I can’t thank you enough for all the time, patience, and support you have extended to us throughout the adoption process!

Karen and Dan

Barrett for NCBarrett has gone back to his original name of Bear, which I found on his vet papers. He was much happier from day one when I looked at him and called him Bear! He loves his home and his daily companion KC (Kitty Cat). My grand niece Grace and her mother have become residents also so Grace and Bear roughhouse daily. A 13 year old and a 5 year old, I don't know who's having the most fun! Bear has been welcomed in the business world. He greets clients, sometimes a bit louder than we like. They all seem to enjoy him. Then he's right back at my side. I find it a bit difficult moving some days as he can be stuck right to me yet he will go for a walk with one of the girls. Bear sure changed my life when he chose me. Thank you so much. Such a joy he is, loved so much by all. Personality plus! It's been 11 of the best months!

Judy Strauss

Hawk"People who say that 'money can't buy you happiness' have never paid an adoption fee."

When I stumbled upon this quote the other day, it made me laugh to myself at how true that rings for my husband and I.

We knew we wanted a dog, specifically a rescue, and everything fell perfectly into place: When we saw HAWK's picture on the Peppertree Rescue site, we knew he was the perfect dog for us and put in our application immediately. When we met him, there was an instant soul connection, one where he had a place in our hearts and our family at that very moment in time. Keeping in touch with Hawk's foster mom throughout the process of the trial period was both helpful and pleasant: I truly looked forward to the times we got to touch base, and am so thankful for her.

Since we have had him, Hawk has shown us his true personality, and we are amazed at his spirit. He has been going on daily walks and plenty of runs. Afterwards, he loves being brushed and gets so excited when he's learning a new trick. (He was already taught how to "sit," and "down," then quickly learned "shake.") Although he gets a lot of time outside, he is also comfortable in his crate. His mild-mannered, yet funny and outgoing personality make him one-of-a-kind! All-around, he is the best dog we ever could have imagined.

There are no words to describe the amount of joy Hawk has already brought to our lives. What an amazing feeling to have this beautiful friend, family member, and true companion for many years to come.

Thank you to everyone at Peppertree Rescue! <3 love and gratitude,

The Malone Family

Grania - now Ella MaeJust wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Grania (now Ella Mae) is my world! What a wonderful, wonderful girl. She is so sweet and affectionate! I couldn't imagine my life without her now. It hasn't been easy, we're still battling separation anxiety but it's getting better a little bit at a time. Thank you, Peppertree, for everything you have done for us!

Hugs and slobbers,

Jacquie & Ella Mae

SHELLI for NBShelli is doing great! The dog walkers love her, the daycare center loves her, and the therapy dog instructor loves her. Her best friend in TDI class is a 7 pound Yorkie. My thanks to all of you at Peppertree for saving this beautiful girl. My dog walker is always telling me that I won the lottery when I got this dog. I have to agree.


All of us at Peppertree want to congratulate Shelli for passing her TDI test and becoming a certified Therapy Dog! Way to go, Shelli (and Jeanne!)

Juniper for NBJuniper is a wonderful addition to the family! Her tail is always wagging and she's always giving kisses. She is a funny, loving, and quirky girl and we are so happy to call her ours!

The Restina Family

GRETAIt's been over a year since we adopted GRETA. Her energy and spirit have been overflowing! She arrived chasing everything and running everywhere, and nothing has really changed for her. We wanted to share this picture of her and tell everyone how she loves her new home. Thank you, Peppertree, for sheltering her until we found her and adopted her.

Nancy and Peter

GEMELLIHere's an update on my sweet GEMELLI who joined our family in August 2013. She is the all black one sleeping with her brother Dexter on their very own couch. I knew as soon as I saw her on your website that she was the perfect addition to our furry family and I was right! She has so much personality and sweetness, we call her Princess around here. She loves her brother so much they are always together, even at bedtime they both sleep in between my husband and I (she sleeps under the blankets and hogs my pillow.) She's learned a few tricks like hand shakes and roll over, she's almost mastered playing dead, but she gets too excited for her treat. Even though she doesn't like going on car rides, she loves hiking. Everyone who has met her has fallen in love. We feel so blessed to have her and can't imagine our home without her! Thank you so much for all you do to help these dogs find their forever home. She is just so perfect. My little snuggle bug and she is definitely a mommy's girl! :)

CharlieWe adopted CHARLIE (formerly Gilbert) in January. He was a little shy and scraggly, but clearly friendly and eager to please. He and his new sister, Maple, hit it off right away. The two dogs love to play and run in the woods together off leash. In the beginning, it was clear that Charlie had been foraging for a living. Anything smaller than about 15 pounds was potential prey: cats, birds, small dogs, etc. He was also very interested in the garbage! After more than 3 months with us, two square meals a day, and Maple to show him the ropes, Charlie has settled in nicely to the role of a domestic dog. He rarely bothers the cat, bird or the neighbor’s dog these days. He has grown very attached to his new family and follows us around the house. Charlie is great off leash and always comes when called. He loves nothing better than cuddling on the couch or sleeping at the foot of the bed. He is also very generous with his kisses! Thank you, Peppertree, for sending this wonderful dog to us.

Janette, Cole and Ella (and Maple!)

BEABEA became a member of our family in Sept. 2013. She has settled in nicely to the routine of our home. Bea is quiet and shy, but is realizing how much everyone loves and cares for her. Bea has her "safe" spot, but has started to be a part of the family. Bea loves the snow and enjoys playing outside. This is where she shows her energy and playfulness. She has made so much progress and we are so happy to have her!

TINNY for NCI've had Pepper (formerly Tinny) for over a month now and just wanted to send an update. First, a word on her new name: it's both a reference to her black and white coloring and in honor of Peppertree, of course! Pepper is such a sweet, loving girl, and is so happy in her new home. She has fit right into our family routines and is so eager to please. Whatever we're doing, she's enthusiastically doing it right alongside us. We go running together every morning and she's as happy as can be to be out investigating the neighborhood. When it's time to go in, in she goes! When we're cooking or doing laundry, she's our chief helper, and when it's time to snuggle on the couch, you can bet she's all in. Last night I took her to her first obedience class and she was the star (and I'm not just saying that as her mom). She learns commands very quickly and I know she will go far. Thank you so much for taking in my girl when she was a little lost stray from Brooklyn, not to mention all of the many other dogs who have found new lives because of you. What you do is extraordinary!

NOVAThank you for completing our family! NOVA is so loved and so sweet! We are indebted to you! We love Peppertree Rescue league!!!!!

KissesKISSES came to live with us in late June. My husband and I knew from the first evening of visiting her at her foster home that we were right for each other. A 7 year old chocolate Lab, she's so easy going and undemanding, the perfect dog for an all too indolent older couple. We take easy strolls around the neighborhood, now extending to the woodland trails nearby, perfect for all of us. She's wild about the women in the family -- does her semi-hysterical greeting to our adult daughters as well as to me, should I have to leave her even for half an hour. She loves our granddaughters too, and is gentle and friendly even with the youngest, who, sadly, is terrified of dogs, but is coming along nicely through playing with Kisses. Meanwhile Kisses is filling out, her coat has improved, her health is excellent, and she is astonishingly well-behaved. Thanks, Peppertree, for finding us this wonderful companion.

TALLULAHThank you for giving us the opportunity to open our home to TALLULAH. She is such a good girl and we love her so much! She fits right in our family perfectly. It's funny to see how much she acts like our children. When they wake up in the morning, they ask for a few more minutes to sleep. Tallulah does this too! When I try to call her for breakfast, she looks up a me, yawns, then puts her head back down until the kids and my husband get up. It is like she just goes with the flow and has adapted to us seamlessly. She enjoys playing in the yard with us, multiple walks each day and occasional runs with her Uncle Joey. Tallulah is a fast learner. She already knew Sit and Down commands when she came to live with us. It only took her a short time to learn Shake, and we are working on others such as Heel and Over. I think Stay is going to take a little while longer, but we will keep working on it! We appreciate what you are doing to help dogs in need like Tallulah.

DARCYDARCY (formerly DeeDee) came to us on Superbowl Sunday, 2013. She is a very kind-hearted, beautiful and wonderful girl. Darcy is very good with our children. Every time we take her out for a long walk we always hear about how beautiful she is and then we get the million dollar question "What kind of dog is she?" Ask 10 different people and you will get 10 different breeds! She loves to lay on her back and have her belly rubbed. Although Darcy is a big girl she must think she is a very tiny dog because she loves to sit on our lap. She loves to play with other dogs. She is a very happy dog and her tail is always going. We love our Darcy girl very much. Our family feels complete now.

FEOFEO (we call her Fi, Fiona, Phoebe – lots of other silly names!) is doing really well and we just love her! She is wonderful – so mellow and calm most of the time but sometimes she gets these crazy bursts of energy and goes tearing around and we love how waggly and happy she is to see us in the mornings and when we come home. She’s great with the cats and other dogs and visitors; everyone comments on how sweet she is. I take her with me in the car whenever I can because she loves that and will just hang out in the shade when I’m up at the barn. She’s eating well and goes on lots of walks; my vet says she’s in great shape for her age. I have to admire her spirit but it’s also obvious that she’s been well loved all her life.

MAGGIEWe are so happy with MAGGIE! She and Quincy are great friends! She loves to play all day and snuggle all night. Outside, she loves fetch and tug of war with her rope toys. Inside, she will squeak her whale toy with happiness. Sometimes, she'll even take her whale, throw it with her mouth then will go fetch it. She's such a silly girl. We are very glad she is part of our family.

BaileyDear Peppertree,

Check out this picture of me in my furr-ever home! Pretty cool, huh? That is how I usually hog the bed right between the pillows! Yeah, I am writing want to thank you ‘cause you helped me get from that puppy mill place to the best home ever! Not only do I have 2 new mommies, but I also have 2 furry sisters and 2 furry brothers. I gotta tell you though-- they look and act weird. My new mommy said it’s because they are cats. But we get along and even hog the bed together at night. Although one mommy said something about needing something King sized, whatever that means. I guess it’s good.

Oh! Another good thing, I get to go for a lot of walks. A lot! My favorite place is called Peebles Island. The smells there - there are things I have never smelled before! I can’t even get to sniff them all and that’s just in the parking lot!! Mommy said I spend too much time reading my pee-mail. I don’t know why she doesn’t read hers- I learn so much about the other doggies that way!

I am also getting used to the car rides- sometimes they end up at a place called ICE CREAM. I love that place. I wish we went there more often! One mommy said she had to watch how many cones she eats. I told her I would eat hers if she wanted- I AM a VERY helpful doggie after all. She didn’t go for that though. I will have to keep trying.

I saw the picture of me on Facebook when I finished the really long walk in Saratoga. That was super fun- can we do it again? I didn’t know I loved walks so much because I didn’t ever do that in my cage at the mill. I also didn’t know about “Good Girl”- you know, what you call going potty outside? But I got the hang now for sure! I even started doing “Good Girl” a few times per walk to leave pee-mail for other doggies to read.

I am still scared of loud noises and people standing over me. But, I have learned to play, like, I do my very special ‘happy dance’ when the mommies come home and I try to play pat-a-cake with them. I have learned to trust the new mommies and I am sure I will trust other people too in time.

So, all that to say- THANK YOU SO MUCH. I love my new home- it’s beyond my wildest dreams of what my life could be like as a doggie.


MoxieMy husband and I adopted MOXIE [AKA Shiloh] in January 2013. She is a 3 year old shepherd mix. We could not be more in love with her. It has been a perfect fit! Moxie had heartworm and tapeworm, so her first few months spent spent with us were fairly lazy as she had to rest. She appears to be doing great and she is now negative for heartworm. Moxie is very well behaved and has a wonderful attitude. She loves my young nieces and is very gentle with them. Moxie is a happy girl who has not found a treat or a tennis ball she does not like! We feel so blessed to have Moxie in our lives!

Nikki and Bob Brousseau

DerbyRED’s Story

Red, formerly known as DERBY, made his way into our hearts in March 2012 when my husband and I were were looking to add a new member to our family. Both of us had grown up with horses, dogs and cats, and we knew that we were ready to welcome a dog into our lives. After several months of looking, we attended a Peppertree Rescue adoption day at a local pet food store and this is where we met Red. We began talking to his foster family and the minute Red tried to climb into my husband’s lap (he is a 60 lb dog!) we knew we had to give him a chance...

When we adopted him, Red had internal parasites and was suffering from an intestinal infection, colitis, and had developed an immunodeficient reaction to mites. At this point we were just about two weeks into our trial with Red. When the Peppertree group asked us whether we wanted to keep him, we didn't even have to think about it for a second. This special animal had already earned our love and affection.

Red is now enrolled in beginner obedience school and is doing great! We would like to extend a special thank you to Nichole and the rest of his foster family for being there to answer questions and help us during our adjustment period. We cannot thank Peppertree enough for bringing this special animal into our lives and for their assistance during his medical issues. One of the things we love most about Red is his sweet demeanor and great temperament. We could not image our home without him.

Leigh & Silas Schrader

CUYLERWe wanted to update you on CUYLER (formerly named Orion), adopted in September, 2012. He has been a wonderful addition to our growing family! Cuyler and our cat have become close friends and enjoy chasing each other around the house as well as cuddling up nest to one another by the fireplace.

While Cuyler is still shy and cautious in new situations and with large groups of people, he has made tremendous improvement with his timidness. He loves his training classes and daycare classes and loves to play with other dogs. He is a big ball of love and is an expert cuddler! He is still very much a puppy and has an endless amount of energy for playtime, snowball fetch and jogging, but has learned so much in the short 7 months that we have had him.

Cuyler continues to put smiles on our faces every day. We want to thank you for all that you do to find dogs like Cuyler wonderful homes!! We can’t imagine our family without him.

AdaHere is a very, very happy dog named ADA romping in the snow in the woods behind our home. Her boyfriend is Loki who came home one day after Ada came to us. They are the best of friends and love to play with each other. Ada is a wonderful doggie - smart, playful and is extremely happy to be with us. She has sort of adopted our small black cat, Rikki, as her personal pet. She and Loki greet us each morning by slurping our ears and faces when the alarm goes off each morning.

Our lives have been greatly enriched in the 10 weeks she has been with us.

Thank you, Peppertree, for helping make that happen.

Pat & Bob Price

Knox, NY

BradyWe adopted BRADY (formerly known as Justin) almost one year ago. We had just lost our almost thirteen year old yellow lab Charlie and our house was just unbearable without a dog. To be honest I did not think I was ready for another dog as my heart was still broken over the loss of Charlie and hesitated to go to the adoption day. We got lost on the way to the clinic and I was almost relieved. When we did finally get there the clinic was almost over. The dog that we originally were going to meet looked happy and content with another couple so I figured we would wait until the next clinic. One of the girls asked me if I had met Justin. When they brought him out we fell in love with him. He had such a sweet face. He hopped in our truck and headed home with us. I think he adopted us.

Brady was from the south and had been found with Red (f/k/a Derby), and like Red he was suffering from an intestinal parasites and colitis. In addition, we found that Brady was heartworm positive. It didn’t matter. We were in love. Brady underwent treatment for the intestinal infections and heartworms. He was a trooper!

JIMMYMy husband & I recently had a daughter, and we had found out that he would be leaving for the Police Academy for a couple of months and would be only home on weekends. I always wanted a dog, and I wanted one that I guess you could say, protect my daughter as well as myself. Well then I was told about JIMMY- thanks to the wonderful people at Peppertree he fits our family well in so many ways! They are honest with you, he is excellent and we love him very much!

PINTOOur lab Ava was very lonely after our older lab Atticus passed away...and then came PINTO! He has added lots of energy to our household ....and he's always happy to find someone ready to snuggle! Thanks Peppertree!

PHANTOMBuddy (formerly PHANTOM) is doing fantastic! He is a wonderful little dog and we are so happy with him. He has his own spot on the couch and sleeps with me every night. He loves to go out in the yard and to go on walks. All the dogs get along well and when the occasional skirmish arises, he stands his ground. LOL he's so funny for such a small guy. He loves his treats too. He's still nervous, but getting better every day. All the dogs sleep on the rug by the door during the day where the sun comes in. I remember when he wouldn't come out from behind the couch!

I can't tell you how glad I am to have him! My husband is trying so hard to win him over. Buddy likes him, you can tell, but his fear is still there from the hoarding case. Well, his days of fear are over. Nothing but love here.

I tell everyone about Peppertree and the wonderful experience I had with you. I encourage everyone to adopt a rescue instead of buying a dog somewhere. Thank you so much for everything. Buddy will be loved and cared for the rest of his life. Everyone loves Buddy!

Julie, Gary, Marissa, Rosie and Michelle Urkevich, Sept. 2012

PaisleySierra (formerly PAISLEY) is a little calmer than when we first got her - just a little! She goes on long walks, plays with doggie friends and sleeps in bed. Spoiled, but we love her. Thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family.

BitsyRoo (previously known as BITSY, Annie and whatever else she was called the first 2 years of her life!) My sons and I had lost 2 of our 3 cats this year to different medical problems, and our remaining cat, Tyler, and we were finding the house too quiet, sad and lacking another member of our family. A friend of mine suggested a rescue dog and I did some online searching for somewhere in this area, which led me to Peppertree Rescue. Within a week I was directed to Bitsy, (who we now call Roo) a small half Corgi, half Chihuahua (and I personally think part kangaroo). I was put in touch with her foster mom, and between pictures and Deb's correspondence, it was apparent that this sweet dog was for us. My son and I went to an adoption clinic a week later to meet her and take her home.

We were told that around 4 months ago Roo was found wandering the streets (she was around 2 years old, starving, infested with fleas and very scared) when she was found and taken to a vet where she was treated and stayed for around a month. Peppertree came to the rescue and Deb fostered her and comforted her for 3 months until we adopted her.

Roo is the sweetest little dog on earth. She was given the name Bitsy by Peppertree, but she looked more like an Annie to us. That didn't work either, though, and because she jumps up constantly like a kangaroo, we just started calling her Roo. That name has stuck. She and Tyler (my cat) have become friends and my sons and I adore her. She has found her permanent home. Her capacity to love and please everyone is immeasurable. Although Tyler has made it clear that he's the boss for now, they are happy to have each other. Roo has truly completed our family and she's now one happy, content, and trusting little dog. She loves us and we love her.


I adopted Buddy in July of 2011. When I say that he is beyond amazing when it comes to being a best “buddy”, I would not give Buddy enough credit. To my utmost delight, he is the most amazing companion I could have ever imagined. I am so fortunate that the Peppertree volunteers contacted me about Buddy.

I love his companionship every day. His smile, his wag, his excitement at being part of our life every morning is something I can’t really explain. I can’t imagine life without him. He warms my heart every morning!


AlfredBlackjack (formerly ALFRED) is a wonderful addition to our family! He is a fine older gentleman with a prance in his step, especially when you say the "W" word (walk)! He holds his head high, and if you are not going the way he wants, he will take the leash in his mouth and lead you! We all laugh and laugh when he does this. He is so loving, smart and well behaved. When I come home from work he always greets me at the door and cries with excitement! He gives "kisses" now too when asked, also speaks, sits, goes around (if he's caught around a tree while walking), lays down, shakes, doesn't love a bath but tolerates it, and loves to be brushed. If he wants more of anything, he taps you with his paw. We are so very happy that we have Blackjack! We all love him very much and I know he is extremely happy.

Deb Smith

LincolnShadow (formerly LINCOLN) came to Peppertree through the Hernas veterinary clinic. He had been wandering the streets as a stray when two "friends of Peppertree" saw him running loose at dusk and managed to get their beagle to track him into the woods. They caught Shadow, took him to the vet's office and the vet's office called Peppertree.

Shadow had been very scared and shut down at the vet's office. Peppertree got him into a foster home for a couple weeks of R&R, a nice warm bath and good food. We met him at a Peppertree adoption clinic where he wowed everyone with his gentleman-like manners and charming personality. We decided he was the dog for us and took him home. We are having so much fun with him and he has settled in as a member of the family. He is getting lots of love and chasing lots of tennis balls. He is even getting along pretty well with the cats.


Our family adopted a lab mix six years ago from Peppertree Rescue here in Upstate New York. I have to say that in our search for a dog, we met some foster families who are among a “special breed” themselves. Misty was just a few days from being euthanized when Peppertree rescued her and we’re so happy they did. She gives our other dog, Bandit, a run for his money in the cuteness department, but of course we love them both dearly. (Misty’s on the right, the darker one.)

CarrieWhen I adopted CARRIE from Peppertree in November 2009, I had just moved in to my new apartment in a picture perfect old brownstone in Albany NY. Just one thing was missing and that was a dog. My family had always had dogs, and I craved the unconditional love and the bond that you hold with your dog. When I walked in to the adoption clinic, there were dogs as far as the eye could see. I asked questions of another rescue but was told that I wouldn't be able to take a dog home for two weeks. I understood the reasoning behind it, but I wanted my dog today.

As I turned a corner toward the end of the tour, I saw Carrie. She was looking very wary of everything that was going on around her. Her handler allowed me to take the leash and guide her around the store. She made a quick eye contact with me but nothing more than that. She was not warming up fast by any means. Turned out Carrie was picked up in Troy, NY on the side of the road. No collar, no microchip, no nothing. She was mangy and thin and skittish. Now, one month later, she was looking healthier but was still very uncertain about trusting the people around her. The Peppertree volunteer told me that my application had been approved, and I could take her home today on a two week trial period to see how I liked her. It seemed too good to be true.

Upon getting Carrie home, she was curious. She sniffed at each item in my apartment, hopped up on my window sill and admired the capitol buildings, the view that I also enjoyed. The name Carrie didn't really fit her, and I decided to rename her Maggie. I loved the name and it fit her perfectly.

I learned that Maggie has severe separation anxiety and because of this I had to make numerous adjustments in my life. I found that the more I exercise Maggie, the more her negative behaviors subside and I see that great dog come out. Maggie's strengths more than balance out her few weaknesses. She is an extremely loving dog who wants to do whatever I'm doing. She is attentive and curious; she is excitable and so funny. She literally gives me hugs, wrapping her arms around my neck. I swear I can see expressions on her face. She loves me unconditionally and I made the commitment to love her just the same. It's amazing.

Maggie has changed my life and I am so glad that we found each other. I want to thank Peppertree for bringing us together and doing what you do.

GabbyGABBY fit very well into our home from the start. We knew that we wanted her forever. But she came to us with a hurt toe which wasn't getting any better and the folks at Peppertree agreed that it would be best to see a vet about it. To make a long story short, the decision was made to have the toe amputated, as the bone was shattered and infection had set in. The orthopedic vet said this would give her back her life and ease her pain so that by the end of the summer it would be just a bad memory.

So Gabby had the surgery and we took our baby home that night. Her recovery was delayed by some complications following the surgery, but she slowly began to feel better and would cuddle up to us for pets and belly rubs all the time. When her stitches finally came out and her dressings could be removed, she just took off from there. Dr. Glennon was right, by mid-August we realized that she seemed to have forgotten that she had a painful toe once. Miss Gabby has quite the little personality as we can now finally see. She races around this house, up the stairs, down the stairs, skidding around corners, and flying up onto a lap if one is available or leaping over the sofa if need be, to get there first. When she flies up onto the sofa, she does so curling up while in the air so she can land in the curl ready for belly rubs. Very cute parlor trick!!!

We just have the best time with her and are so grateful that she was rescued by Peppertree so that we could be her Mommy and Daddy. Thank you!

MojaveMOJAVE continues to be a wonderful dog for us. He is the companion we were dreaming of. Cameron was the most hesitant, and he is very comfortable with him and never scared. Liz and he are quickly becoming best friends. I've caught both of them talking to him....just what I dreamed of. Liz plays with him outside every day, and allows him on her bed. One morning he woke her by laying down next to her side, and put his head on her chest. It was a precious moment. When I'm home, he doesn't leave my side and I love it. Training is going well. Mike from Peppertree gave him a wonderful foundation! Mark, too, is very devoted to him, and plays with him any chance he gets. On a quirky note, we noticed that he's afraid of flags flapping in the wind. We haven't been able to take him on his usual walk at night or early morning, because he gets so spooked. But, he is fine in the backyard at night. During the day, the flapping noises aren't quite so bad. He's never had an accident in the house, and never chewed something he isn't supposed to. What a good boy!!!!

YodaI adopted YODA, now called Yogi, from Peppertree Rescue on September 25, 2011, with the able assistance of Deb Bennett. He was originally from DeKalb County, GA, a part of Atlanta. I did not recognize the name Yoda, so I went to the Internet and it means power. It was also a character's name in Star Wars. Since I know nothing about Star Wars, but Yogi Berra of the New York Yankees was my boyhood idol, I changed his name.

We changed our walking routine and started to walk around the wooded areas beyond the baseball fields at Elliott Park and the Babe Ruth field where Catskill High School plays their home games. In October and November, there were always deer in the outfield of each baseball field when we arrived. Yogi was bred to be a tracker of animals in the wild. A funny thing started on our first hike. When I stopped to clean up after Yogi, I noticed a baseball in very good condition in heavy briars. Then whenever I had to climb over a fallen tree or under one as a result of Hurricane Irene, I found more and more balls. Since picking up the first baseball, I have collected way over 100 useable baseballs and 51 softballs, which I turned into the village parks and recreation department each time that I had collected a full box.

Each of us has found a new best friend. Yogi sleeps on my couch, my overstuffed chair, or on my bed during the day and always sleeps next to me all night long. I never imagined how much Yogi could change my life for the better, and I feel his current life is almost ideal for him. Deb at Peppertree said when we met she thought Yogi would be a perfect fit for me. Yogi is 63 in human years and I am 63 as well. I have almost completed a restoration of a 1950 Studebaker, which is also close to 63 years old, since that model year started in September 1949. Yogi has accompanied me to every car show and always draws much more attention than my Studebaker. That is just proof that humans recognize top quality when they see it.

I do not know how to thank Deb for introducing Yoda, as she still calls him, to me. He has been a life changer for me, as I am sure many of the other adoptions have changed the lives of other people as well.

MickeyMy name is MICKEY. I'm a 9 year old Chihuahua, and I'm all settled in my new "forever" home. I got here in March 2012 and now that I've gotten used to the way things work around here, it's really good. I live with my new person, Sandy, and a crazy little black Chihuahua named Jack who she rescued as a puppy. He's a pesky 2 year old who just wants to play all the time! Sometimes we play tag all over the house or race each other, but sometimes I just give him a little growl so he'll leave me alone and let me sleep! Sandy has her own business and works from home, so we all get to be together a lot. When she has to be out for a long time she takes us to an awesome place for doggie daycare. I like it so much I start to howl and almost jump out of the car when we get there! We all go for walks every day, and I love that. I used to cry a lot in the car, and I used to get startled at night and cry out in my sleep, but now that I'm getting settled and comfortable sleeping here (in the bed of course) I don't do that so much. My new vet has me on a joint supplement that's making my arthritis feel better. Sometimes when I wake up from a nap I'm still not sure where I am, and I get a little nervous, but once I look around, I realize I'm ok. I like that the house is quiet (except for Jack!) and Sandy gives me my own space when I let her know I need it, so I can just get used to my new home. I really like to curl up and sleep on the sofa while she does stuff around the house. She and I are getting to be really good friends. Now that I'm getting to know her better, I've started letting her cuddle with me. When she goes out and comes back home, and when she picks us up from daycare, I get so happy to see her I wiggle and jump all over her and give her lots of kisses! I'm even starting to like crazy Jack! He and I sunbathe together next to the patio door. Thanks, Peppertree for helping me find my forever family! Love, Mickey

FrannieI adopted a 6 year old Chihuahua named FRANNIE from Peppertree in April of 2010. She was very timid and it took over a year for her to actually relax and feel like she was finally at peace in our home. We've taken her every place from North Carolina and three trips to Florida on vacation. She does wonderful on trips but still is a little skittish with people or other animals. She's a good dog though. Her teeth were pretty bad and we had to have most of them pulled but she came through that very well. She's a survivor. This is a picture of her from this past Christmas to show how she looks. I wish Peppertree great success in all you do for the animals.

FarleyWell, we've had FARLEY for about three months now and we could not be happier. He has totally integrated himself into our family's lives and schedules. My 22 year old son works a swing shift, and then comes home to play with him at midnight! Farley and I go for daily walks in the Brunswick neighborhood and these walks are greatly helping me rehab my repaired ankle injury. He loves to chase and retrieve tennis balls, and at any given time he usually has one in his mouth. I think they are his Linus security blanket.

We have availed ourselves of Cyd's expertise, and Farley has met Dr. Stone at Bloomingrove up close and personal. You gotta love a vet that lays on the floor and plays with your dog while he is examining him!

Best of wishes to all of you, and many thanks for the profound joy you have brought to our lives.

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