• Redbone Coonhound mix,
  • male,
  • 3 years.

Unlike the snowman, this Olaf will not sing and dance – he much prefers being outside enjoying the sun or taking a walk. Olaf is happiest out exploring his yard checking out all the smells, or relaxing inside. He has a nice amount of energy and would likely love to be a weekend hiking partner or help with yard work, as long as it is on leash since that hound nose will lead him astray if he’s allowed to roam. Olaf does well with children and other dogs, but cats are probably not a match for him. He does live with another dog now but sometimes their play gets too enthusiastic to be easily managed inside, and outside it can get loud, so the right canine companion is necessary. Olaf is crate trained and has good house manners, but they are the hound version of house manners – he will not chew on things he isn’t supposed to or wreck your furniture but if you leave food on the counters he will probably assume it is for him and sample it. Olaf is still living with his family, but will be placed through Peppertree Rescue.