Available Dogs

Ralphio and Magda

11 year old bonded senior pair – Magda and Ralphio are two much loved dogs, who are continuing to get a lot of love with us at Peppertree. We are listing them to share their story, and to ask for continued positive thoughts. 

Smiling black beauty Magda and handsome brindle Ralphio found themselves at the shelter when one of their owners passed, and the other had to move into housing that did not allow them. Shortly after arriving at the shelter it was discovered Magda has cancer, and Peppertree was asked to take this sweet duo to see if there was a way to help Magda, and to give them as much time together as possible, so we did. We had hopes that we could remove the mass and give Magda some more quality years, but the cancer has spread and our only choice was to make her life as wonderful as we can for as long as we can. We will not separate them, and we do not want to disrupt their lives by moving them unnecessarily so we are not listing them as available for adoption. We want them to enjoy their time together and for Magda to play as much fetch as possible. We do not know what the future holds but rest assured Magda is being kept comfortable and being spoiled rotten, while Ralphio is just being spoiled rotten.