• Border collie mix,
  • male,
  • 9 years,
  • 70 lbs.

Do you like to throw tennis balls? Because Reilly LOVES to chase tennis balls! Do you like to go for walks? Reilly LOVES to go for walks, and has been working on his leash manners and has become quite the gentleman to walk. Reilly also loves to chew on bones and go swimming. He is a real dog’s dog, kind of an old fashioned fellow who has spent most of his time outside but is now making the move to an indoor pampered pooch. Inside he is still figuring things out, sometimes he feels pent up or a little stressed and he will start to pace, but if someone can let him outside to blow off some steam, take him for a walk or play fetch he relaxes and goes back to being a big old goofball. Reilly is crate trained but would be happiest in a home where people are around more so he can be let outside to burn some energy as he gets used to being an inside dog. An active home that likes to hike and swim and throw tennis balls would make Reilly jump for joy! Reilly needs some time and understanding to help him transition, but we know when he settles he is going to reward a lucky family with a lot of love and fun. While Reilly is good with kids, he is still figuring out about the rules of the house and we think he would do best with kids who are 12 and up. Reilly is too interested in cats to live with them.