Remington – 3 year old neutered male Golden-At-Heart [65 pounds]
Oh my!! Are you my new family?Do you want a dog to be your best partner? Then that’s me! Let’s cut to the chase! Tennis balls are my favorite thing in the world so you better have a lot of them and I hope you’ll love throwing them for me! Are you looking for a buddy that likes to go hiking too? I’m definitely game for that. And swimming? Well that’s right up there with tennis balls – I love it!
So here’s my story…I guess my old owner didn’t have enough time for me so here I am. It’s not too bad here. Everybody loves playing fetch with me, but it’s just not the same as home, ya know? I’m a pretty fun guy and I’m sure we’ll easily become great friends!
By the way, did I mention I’m super smart? Like, SUPER smart! I already know a few basic commands and have taken a class on Canine Nose Work! I was an immediate pro with that and LOVED searching for things, so that would be fun to continue doing with my new home! I bet I would love learning more impressive tricks like roll over and play dead or even agility as well! You know what I also love…DOCK DIVING! I will jump off a dock for a ball and flyyyy through the air! So who wants to do all this fun stuff with me!?
I bet you’re wondering how I do with dogs, huh? Well, I’ll admit I’m a bit picky and unsure of what to do when I want to say hi, so I think I would like to live as the only dog in the home, but I don’t mind seeing other dogs out on walks and stuff! I just pay close attention to you since you have all the yummy treats! And cats? I’m not really sure what the heck those things are, but I hear they’ll plotting world domination. I don’t know, seems kind of shady, so I don’t think I want to share a house with one of those.
Believe it or not, I am lucky enough to be in a foster home right now! Boy is that better than a kennel. It’s nice to just take walks with my foster dad then sprawl out on the couch in the peace and quite of a home. My foster dad thinks I’m great! He likes me a whole lot and wants nothing more than for me to find my forever family! For as fun as I am when we are working or playing, I am a pretty easy-going guy when it is time to rest or just hang out as well. I also love the car!
So anyway, are you looking for active young guy? One that wants to be involved in all your activities? Sometimes I come off as more energetic than a really am, but I can’t help it. I just get so excited when I think that you could be my new family! Contact the Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue adoption office today at (978) 568-9738 or email!