• Herding breed mix,
  • female,
  • 6 years,
  • 26 lbs.

Romina (“Ro”) is the perfect combination of large and small. She has a lap dog’s sensibility in that she is affectionate, doting and kind — and can curl up quite small next to you on the couch! She also has a bigger dog’s body shape and agility; the girl can RUN and jump! She is almost catlike with her affection and attention – sometimes she prefers just to be near you (her foster mom has caught her staring lovingly at her quite often) and other times she will place her head on your hand to demand a scratch and a snuggle. Ro is a quiet girl who desperately wants to be loved. Light on her feet, she’s not once barked in her foster family’s home. Truly. Not once! She was a stray for some time, so she does still have a bit of residual anxiety about the world. However, in the time she’s been a domestic dog once again, she has shown more interest in being part of the home each day. Her anxiety mainly shows itself in a desire to find and hold onto one or two “safe spots” like a couch, bed or chair. When she feels a bit unsure about a sound or activity, she will default to that spot. She can be successfully lured away with a bit of kibble, however, and only needs time and loving patience to help her rebuild her confidence. A home with a canine buddy who can show her that she’s in a safe place will allow that confidence to blossom more quickly but a dog-savvy owner could just as easily do the trick! Ro is also readily (and easily) lifted or taken by leash to any place you’d prefer her to be. When she is out on a walk, she will herd you (do a circle around you) and repeatedly check that you are there, but this habit wanes as she becomes more comfortable and interested in her surroundings (she doesn’t pull and is otherwise amazing on a leash!) She’s even good in the car. Romina has been left alone at home multiple times for a series of hours without any complaint or issue. At bedtime, she would prefer to den near you, in a crate or a quiet corner bed on the floor. Quick to attach to her “people”, Ro is a “girl’s girl” in that she gravitates to women first, but she warms up to men just fine. She will make a wonderful pet for just about anyone and does well with older kids who aren’t rambunctious. She also loves to goof around with other dogs similar in size! The home where Ro lands will need a fenced in yard — since her time as a stray and a high prey drive for bunnies could set off her wanderlust. Besides that, all Miss Romina needs is love and kindness from her forever people.