1.5 year old female Shepherd/Hound mix – Sady is a playful, smart lady who loves to go on walks and to play with her friends

at daycare, but also loves to come home and snuggle at the end of the day. Sady also has a bit of a shy side, though, which is why she’s in need of a new home. She loves to play and snuggle with her family, and is a great best friend to her chihuahua house mate, but is a little unsure of new people, and is not suited for a busy house with people coming and going. While Sady is good with her kids we think she should be in an adult only home as visiting kids do not always understand when dogs need space. Sady loves the outdoors which is why a fenced yard is a must for this girl! She loves to play in the water and whenever she is near it she jumps in on her own and swims around, even kiddie pools are fun to Sady and she’ll hang out there in her yard whenever she gets the chance. The snow is another favorite as she tries to chase and catch the snow flakes. Sady also loves to play with stuffed animals, and toys inside.  If you are interested in Sady, please fill out an application through Peppertree Rescue and we will pass it along to her family.