• Beagle mix,
  • male,
  • 13 years,
  • 55 lbs.

Look at this photo of a lovable beagle boy  – SO much to love! A perfect example of a picture being worth a thousand words, but we’ll add a few of our own. Our Sammy’s been through a lot this past month. After being with the same family for 13 years, he was placed in a shelter. Then his right front toe was bitten and had to be amputated. Sammy is determined to make the best of things with a wonderfully positive attitude. He goes for short walks around the neighborhood with the resident dogs in his foster home, meeting and greeting everyone along his route. He’s also doing well on his diet, but, he does think every chew bone is his own to take and keep! Sammy loves being part of a family and wherever you are there he will be, smiling up at you and “wagging” his body from heard to tail. Come and meet Sammy! It’s worth the trip.