• Lab/hound mix,
  • male,
  • 6-7 years

Sessions was brought to an AL shelter along with 40 other dogs who were part of a hoarding case. Estimated to be 6-7 years old, we believe he is lab mixed with some hound, possibly Treeing Walker Coonhound. When we researched Treeing Walker Coonhound, we found them described as exceptional family dogs; good with children, courteous, easy to train, and smart. Sure enough, Sessions is sensitive, gentle and super sweet! We are learning he is smart as well.

Sessions is being fostered in CT. He is an amazing, social dog who loves being with humans and other dogs. In his foster home he greets new people with a wagging tail and has fit right in with the three resident dogs. Foster Glenn tells us, “Sessions is such a loving boy and only wants to be with me. He follows me everywhere and I have not seen any of the shyness that his pictures show. He has been wagging his tail non-stop and there have been no problems with my boys. Even when I was feeding them all last night he ate and took treats right along with the boys. He doesn’t seem to know a lot of commands but is just an all-around good boy. He does know what “no” means, but I honestly do not have to tell him “no” very often. I was surprised when I went to bed and he came right up the stairs with me and Jeb. He jumped up on the bed and slept right next to me all night. He loves to cuddle and loves tummy rubs! He acts like he’s been here forever. When I take him for walks on his lead, he never pulls and stays close. He is sitting right next to me as I write this and he has the most beautiful eyes that seem to talk to you. He is a very pretty dog. I will work with him on some simple commands while he is here with me, and I will also enjoy him.”

In a short time, Sessions has learned to sit and has learned his foster’s routine. In the house he is such a good boy!! His foster Dad says Sessions would fit in anywhere, and would especially enjoy having a friend to play with. He might also enjoy having someone to run with or kids to play with. This sweet labbie/hound dog with the huge heart loves life!
Sessions is a Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue dog. If you would like to be part of Sessions’ rescue story, please fill out an application to be considered: .