• Lab/Golden mix,
  • female,
  • ~ 1 year,
  • 70 lbs.

Shauna is a beautiful, sweet, shy young lady from the south, where she lived in a kennel situation with her brother and sisters. She hasn’t had a lot of socialization, so everything is new to her. She is pretty shy and skittish. Once she knows and trusts her person, she likes to sit on the couch with them and share a snack. Shauna is mostly house trained, and only has an occasional accident if she gets scared. She was never on leash before so she is learning that. A securely fenced yard is a must. She enjoys chasing a ball and playing with her toys. Shauna gets along with other dogs and they can help show her the ropes and build her confidence. Cats are unknown but as shy as she is, she will probably just be afraid of them or leave them alone. She really isn’t a family dog as loud noises and commotion scare her. She has tremendous potential in an adult home that can give her time to discover her new life and the world around her, and teach her to enjoy things. She is really smart and wants to be with her person. She just has a hard time learning to trust.