• Mix,
  • female,
  • 7-8 years,
  • 56 lbs.

Sheila came from South Carolina after being treated for heartworm disease, and stole our hearts.  She is a sweet, loving, devoted girl who needs a special home, and we are asking for help in finding it.  A mammary lump led us to some tests that put big question marks all over her future.  It is suspected that the lump is a mast cell tumor, and before doing surgery the vets wanted to check and see if it spread to the lungs.  Test revealed that there is something in the lungs, but it is not clear if the cancer metastasized or if it is damage from the heartworms, and the only thing that will let us know is time and more tests. Unfortunately, Sheila is in boarding right now, and while she is happy and cared for, we know that is a short term solution. We want to see her in a home as we await more answers, so we are looking for a special home, foster or adoptive, that is willing to take in a dog who may just have a few months, or may go on to have more time. Sheila is showing no symptoms beyond a cough, and is charming her caregivers the way she charmed our volunteers. She does well with other dogs, although she has a mama dog attitude and can be a little bossy. She is an absolute love with people, and particularly enjoys resting her head on your leg as you snuggle on the couch. When you think “Peppertree temperament”, Sheila is it. She did struggle with being kenneled at the vets, and let her displeasure be known by barking, but, she was left in her foster home for a full work day.  We think she may object to being left out of the action, but a home where someone is home more often than not may be a better fit for helping her. Sheila is house trained and considered a great house guest, and she did crate her first few days in the foster home before she earned her freedom.  At the boarding facility she is doing well and is a perfect resident, clean, polite and sweet.  Please consider opening your heart and your home to Sheila.