• West Highland white terrier,
  • male,
  • 7 years,
  • 22 lbs.

If you’re looking for an exceptionally cute, adorable and quirky dog, look no further than Sidney. This boy loves vacuums, watching TV, and quick naps with a stuffed sloth under his head and clutched in his teeth. Sidney is affectionate, but independent, and after a cuddle will move further down the couch to get some personal space. He likes to be chased and in the evening looks forward to a vigorous session of tug-o-war with a plush toy. Sidney is crazy about meeting new people, both in and outside the home, and will stand on his hind legs with front paws raised to express his enthusiasm. He’s crazy for kids, too, but a home with kids over 8 would be best for this small fellow. Befriending new dogs is another Sidney passion. He’ll go to great lengths to make meetings happen, and though he’s anxious to greet others, he’s respectful and never has a bad introduction. It should be pointed out that since he prefers to use the couch as his bed, he has been territorial over that favorite piece of furniture guarding it from other dogs. That having been said, this behavior was only observed on an initial meeting and he moved on quickly. Sidney also has some food allergies and should be fed a high quality, grain free food. Lastly, mind his schedule. He’ll refuse to walk in the afternoon if dinner hasn’t been served. Similarly, every trip outside must be followed promptly by a treat, or he’ll subject you to withering stares and reprimand you with a bark. All-in-all, Sidney is an easy and endearing fellow, and as you’ve surely noticed, good-looking, too. Sidney is a bit too interested in cats to do well in a home with them.