• Beagle/basset mix,
  • male,
  • 2 years,
  • 21 lbs.

Snickers is a sweet young dog who has never met a stranger and seems to get offended if someone walks by without talking to and petting him. He is house trained and crated trained and likes to ride in the car. Snickers loves other dogs. It is unknown if he can live with cats. If he sees one on a walk, he is interested in it and wants to check it out, but of course they run. If something runs, you have to chase it. It’s possible that he and a dog-savvy cat could come to an agreement to coexist! Snickers walks pretty well on leash but there are so many things to smell, he pulls a bit to try to get to them all. He is still young and due to his hound heritage, his nose rules. A fenced yard is preferred for him. Snickers is good in the house, but curious, so your favorite pair of shoes should probably be put away. He loves toys, and is a good snuggler.