• Sato,
  • female,
  • ~2 years,
  • 55 lbs.

This young lady came to us in early June from Puerto Rico and has adjusted to life stateside, although she has yet to have her first snow experience. She can be timid when meeting new people, but given a bit of time and space she really devotes herself to her person, and becomes a lovebug who enjoys belly rubs. Having a walk is the highlight of her day, and Sunday looks forward to that more than anything. She is game for as many walks as her person can manage! She is reserved when meeting new friends, and is a little slow to warm up, but has begun to come out of her shell. An adopter should be prepared to give her some space at first, and understand that it might take her a bit of time to be ready to interact with visitors. She exhibits zero aggression; she finds that a strategy of retreat works just fine. Sunday is crate trained but is also fine loose in the house, and much prefers hanging out on the couch than in her crate (who wouldn’t!) She is house trained as well. Sunday enjoys the company of other dogs and we think she’d love a canine sibling with a similar play style.   She loves walks but loves following her nose more, so she is more the type to take a sniff than a jog through the neighborhood, preferably followed by a nap. We are not sure how she would do with cats, but we do know she likes to chase squirrels, birds and bunnies, so Sunday may not be the best choice for a feline companion. While it takes some coaxing to get her into the car, once settled in, she rides well. Sunday’s dream home would be a house with easy-going people, easy-going dogs, a fenced yard with squirrels and bunnies to chase, and a daily, leisurely “sniff” through the neighborhood. The simple life!