Available Dogs


  • Sato,
  • female,
  • ~1 1/2 years,
  • 55 lbs.

Sunday came to us in early June from Puerto Rico and has been getting used to life stateside. She can be timid when meeting new people, but given time and space she really devotes herself to her person, and becomes a lovebug who enjoys belly rubs. It just takes her a bit of time to show that side of her to new people. She is a bit of an introvert and will even remove herself from the room when people come over, but once they go is right back to claim her spot on the couch. Sunday is kind of like that person who likes to go to their room and read while everyone else is playing charades (we are sure some of you can relate!). Having only had her since June it is hard to know if she is just still adjusting to a new way of life and will grow to appreciate a more social life, or, if she will always be a dog to prefer some solitude. An adopter should be prepared to love her either way, which is easy to do, she is quite lovable. Sunday is crate trained but is also fine loose in the house, and much prefers hanging out on the couch than in her crate (who wouldn’t!). She is house trained as well. Sunday is social with dogs but has yet to really hang out and play, she likes their company but does not make any demands on them, and seems to prefer dogs that do not make too many demands on her. Sunday loves walks but loves following her nose more, so, she is more the type to take a sniff then a jog through a neighborhood, preferably followed by a nap. She is equally content to just enjoy a yard though. We are not sure how she would do with cats, but we do know she likes to chase squirrels, birds and bunnies, so, she may not be the best choice for a feline companion. Sunday is a homebody and gets very nervous on car rides, and in new places, so she does not come to adoption events, but her foster mom loves talking about her and is happy to chat with anyone looking to learn more about this special girl. Her dream home would be a house with easy-going people, easy-going dogs, a fenced yard with squirrels and bunnies to chase, and the occasional “sniff” through the neighborhood. The simple life!