• Feist mix,
  • female,
  • 2 years,
  • 40 lbs.

It is true, Tabby is a homebody at heart. While other dogs seem to enjoy travel and long walks on the beach Tabby would much rather stay at home. Tabby does not get why you would ever want to leave home when home is where you can snuggle in bed, chase after bunnies in the yard, or chew her Kong – you know, the simple things in life! When it comes to people Tabby is a true introvert and is often overwhelmed in social situations, but when it comes to dogs Tabby has never met a dog she has not tried to befriend. She even won over the heart of her cranky canine foster brother. Tabby also does very well with cats and will try to groom them if given the chance, she is not often given the chance though. She easily shares toys and defers to the cats in the home, and sometimes we think she is more of a cat trapped in a dog’s body then a dog.  Tabby does have an independent nature and while she comes down at treat o’clock to get her bedtime snack, she generally likes to spend her time in her space with her toys.

While she is independent Tabby will need another dog in the home.  Having a canine friend helps boost her confidence and Tabby seems to prefer the company of dogs to people even.  Tabby has come a long way but still gets overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the world so a house that doesn’t rely on walks for exercise and has a nice quiet fenced yard would be ideal for her. Tabby does require a fence because she is shy, and because her favorite thing to do is hang out in the yard in the evening when the world is quiet and sniff all the smells. Since Tabby prefers predictability in her life a house without children is best for her. She would do fine with visiting children as she generally avoids loud things, but living with them every day is not for Tabby.  Tabby has been with us for a while and is pretty spoiled and loved by her fosters, who would keep her except they plan to have children and do not think Tabby would approve.  Tabby’s struggle is that her shyness and anxiety take over when she goes into a new home so she requires a lot of patience and time to adjust – she does most things a little differently then your average dog, including finding a home.

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