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Peppertree Rescue Dogs on Trial Placement - Adoption Pending

The following dogs are on trial placement in a new home and are not currently available for adoption. All Peppertree adoptions begin with a minimum two-week trial period. The dogs below have been placed in adoptive homes but the adoption is not yet final.

AleaALEA - Lab/Plott hound mix, female, ~7 years, 60 lbs. ALEA (Maggie Mae to her foster family) was a stray found in Brooklyn in 2013. We think she is a 7 year old Lab/Hound mix; we know she is a 60-pound bundle of love. She's eager to be around people. She romps in the fenced yard with her four-legged foster brothers and chases birds, chickens, and the foster family's cat. If you don't have a fenced yard, she would love a daily run or walk. Her foster family has young children, and believes she'd be happiest living without kids under 10. With just a little love and attention, ALEA is a wonderful companion. Click here see more pictures of Alea on

AstroASTRO - Shih Tzu mix, male, 1 year, 17 lbs. One meeting with Astro and you just might fall in love. Astro came from a New York City shelter where he was surrendered along with his brother, Felix, due to landlord problems. Adorable Astro has a phenomenal personality. He is gentle, sweet, affectionate and a champion ball player. He would make a nice family dog as he appears to be good with well-behaved children. He is a little shy around dogs when he first meets them but is not at all aggressive; we think he will be perfectly fine living with another gentle dog. He ignores the cats in his foster home. Astro has impeccable house manners and rides well in a car. What would we like to change about Astro? Absolutely nothing!

BeautyBEAUTY - Collie/Shepherd mix, female, ~10 years, 50 lbs. BEAUTY is a lovely and happy girl who makes friends with everyone she meets. She gets really excited when she sees the leash because she knows itís time for her walk! She also enjoys going for rides in the car. BEAUTY is very polite and has great house manners and wants nothing more than to be with her people. She has lived with cats and will chase them if they run, but we think she might be ok with dog-savvy ones. Click here see more pictures of BEAUTY on

BradleyBRADLEY - Black lab mix, male, ~4 years. BRADLEY is a smallish black lab retriever mix, weighing about 42 lbs. He is about 4 years old. According to his foster, he is one of the nicest dogs around. He is housebroken, good in the crate, and definitely not a barker. Since his arrival, his foster has not heard him bark at all. BRADLEY came to us as a result of an owner surrender to a local shelter. He is friendly to all including other dogs. We donít yet know how he would be with cats, but our guess is that he would be fine and would want to be friends. He hasnít been spending too much time in the yard, but we do know that he loves to play ball and will bring the ball back, well at least to within 8 feet. He is loving and charming and sweet, and just everything desirable in a pet. It would be nice if he had a pal to hang out with, but that would not be a necessity.

DucatiDUCATI - Pitbull mix, male, 11 years, 87 lbs. DUCATI has embarked on a successful New Year's resolution to lose some of his 87lbs! Adopting a senior dog is considered by some to be a special calling, and answering that call reaps some wonderful and fulfilling rewards that only an older dog can bring to your life. No need to hide the butter dish on your kitchen counter, you won't have to set aside 3 hours every day for jogging with DUCATI, no requirement of a crate or busy dog toys to occupy his time. He has excellent house manners and is a dog that you can take in the car on weekend errands. DUCATI has lived with a female dog his entire life and is currently living with two female dogs in his foster home, so we would like him to continue living with another polite older female canine companion. He has nothing but love to share with all new people that he meets and is a quiet but social guy who loves to be a part of a family. Cats are yet to be discovered by DUCATI, so proper introductions would have to be done before determining how he feels about them. Click here to see more pictures of DUCATI on

FelixFELIX - Shih Tzu mix, male, 1 year, 17 lbs. Felix is all you'd expect from a Shih Tzu: loving and loyal with quick bursts of quirky personality! He loves a long snuggle, especially belly up, across your lap, with his head on your arm like a big baby! Napping is his favorite pastime, second only to playing with the bouncy ball. It's so funny to watch him make chase across the hardwood - a true cartoon-style scramble! And, instead of getting possessive when his foster sister wants to steal it, Felix takes the ball into the bathtub -- somewhere his foster sister would never dare go. He's clever AND a pacifist! Not only does Felix put up with other dogs' antics, he's good with cats and sweet with kids. Felix follows his favorite humans wherever they go but does well not to get underfoot. He walks well on the leash, is mostly house-trained, barks a bit when he gets startled or hears another dog barking but is easily calmed. Plus, it's a really cute bark!

LeweyLEWEY - Rhodesian Ridgeback/Shepherd mix, male, 2 years, 60 lbs. LEWEY is a sweet young boy looking for an active forever companion. True to his breed combination, he is a loyal dog and wants to be with his person. It takes LEWEY a little while to warm up to new people, but once he knows you are his friend, he is very sweet. He needs plenty of exercise to be at his best. LEWEY loves to go jogging and hiking. He rides well in the car and is good on the leash. He has a high prey drive so he should not live with cats. He gets along with other dogs but can play a little rough; for this reason we recommend he not go to a home with young children. LEWEY is a good snuggler and loves to share a sandwich. Click here to see more pictures of LEWEY on

MISS DOLLY - Pit bull mix, female, approx. 2 years. New to Peppertree and being evaluated in a foster home.

RileyRILEY - Bone Mouth Shar Pei/Pit Bull mix, male, ~1 year, 50 lbs. RILEY is a happy and friendly boy who loves people, especially his family. He has had to overcome a lot after being picked up as an injured stray with two broken femurs. After months of therapy and support he still exemplifies wonderful characteristics for any breed - he is smart, loyal, loving and playful. He has been raised around other animals including a cat and a dog, and has had a lot of socialization and been exposed to many new experiences. He loves long walks, playing toss, and learning new commands - in just a couple months heís learned sit, down, stay, with me, off, wait, up, leave it, track it, and ok. RILEY is currently enrolled in training and hopes to complete his Canine Good Citizen certification from the AKC soon. He lives in a home with a cat and a toddler, and does great with all. RILEY is playful and wants to be part of any family activity--he will always be by your side, a true protector. He is crate trained and housebroken. RILEY is also a huge snuggler and loves belly rubs! He is very food motivated and will thrive with an active person or family who is willing to continue with training. In return you will have an eternally committed, loving, and intelligent best friend. Click here to see more pictures of RILEY on

SallieSALLIE - Collie/terrier? mix, female, 2 years, ~40 lbs. If you are looking for a devoted partner as well as a loving pet, then SALLIE is your girl. A sensitive soul, SALLIE is a lovely young lady with looks as well as brains, and would love a home that keeps both her brain and body busy. She came to us from a NYC area shelter where her cautious nature was leaving her a very stressed girl, but since arriving at Peppertree she is able to relax and show us her playful, smart and sometimes silly spirit! SALLIE loves to play with her foster brother Loki and will happily live with the right canine companion, but we will have to do a meet and greet with any potential canine companion as she likes to go slow and be sure of her friends. SALLIE is not the type of dog for dog parks or busy social scenes, she is the type of dog that prefers long walks and playing in her own yard. She'd make the perfect hiking companion and is very food motivated and eager to learn, and would likely excel at advanced training. SALLIE is crate trained and has excellent house manners, cats are unknown. While we are still getting to know her at this time we do not think she'd enjoy a busy household and should not be placed with small children. If you are looking for a loving girl who will devote herself to you and is eager to please, then SALLIE is your girl.

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