If you’re looking for an easy guy….don’t overlook Chauncey! This Southern gem is at the ripe age of 8ish,

so all his wild child energy is gone. He is actually mellow and gentle and can be trusted in the house when you leave. And will more than likely be in the exact same spot when you return…the dog bed or couch all curled up. He does enjoy the return of his family and will show it by doing a little dance, prancing and whine some, as if to say, he’s so happy you are home.

He will let you know when he has to go outside to do his business by going to the door. If you’re looking to take Chauncey out and about, you will be glad to know, he’s fantastic in the car! He will harness up by helping, he is good on the leash and will jump right in your vehicle. At first he’s curious enough to look around, but after a few minutes, he settles right down. So don’t forget he’s in the back seat when you return home!
Chauncey cannot be trusted off leash. He will chase deer, rabbits and squirrels, and he’s fast!! He’s fantastic with adults, strangers and well-mannered kids. As you may already know, pitty’s like to be warm, so a spot in the bed would be great, if not a nice warm blanket at night would be appreciated. Will sit and give paw on command. Chauncey does have one rule, he wants to be the only child – he actually NEEDS to be (including cats). He does have fear aggression and he is not comfortable around other dogs. Something in his past unfortunately happened and now he is always on edge and sadly does not trust other dogs. We do not want him wondering if he will have to protect himself when at HOME, where he should feel safe and loved.
So if you are looking for a quiet companion who knows the house rules already, and will give you sweet kisses, then this is your guy!
Chauncey is being placed through Out Of The Pits. You can learn their adopter requirements and fill out an application on their website at